Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Zombie Invasion!

Hey guys, Dave's new State of the Island came out, and it sheds some light on the new update, the future of Pocket God, and future updates! In it, he talks about what's in the newest update (Dead Pygmy Walking), and he also mentions how a spider will be added soon! He also talks about Pocket God 2, and a special/new project that he is going to start with Allan very soon! Then he ends his post by talking about customizable Pocket God, being one of the last updates (not any time soon, don't worry :) ), and designing your own Island, tree, rocks, spears, etc...
To read Dave's new State of the Island Click Here!

BTW, The icon look pretty darn close to what I guessed it would look like last week!

Stay tuned for more news, and also be ready for the update's release within the next 10 days roughly!

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  1. this all looks really cool

    I just e mailed you and attached the word document