Thursday, September 3, 2009


Hey guys, after a busy month of continuous posting, The Pygmy Den has finally reached 10,000 views!!!

For such a special occasion, Malcom has been working on a pretty awesome new project, for the past week or so! I had a great idea of an update for Pocket God, that would include an electric eel, and I could immediately visualize an icon for it. So I wrote down my ideas on what the icon would look like for the electric eel update for Malcom as best as I could, and then he both drew and animated it! Like he always says, "I'm a designer not an artist, so if you don't like my work... don't complain!" But check out this awesome fan-made icon of what an update with an electric eel would look like:

Awesome job Malcom! This definately rivals your shark update icon!!!
Thanks for all the views guys, keep 'em coming, and we'll have something special waiting for when we hit 15,000! :)


  1. if you look at any pocket god icon on the pygmys cheaks there circles

  2. hey swigo malcom told me to come to you and ask you why u guys said why?