Saturday, September 5, 2009

The Pocket God World has been updated!

Hey guys, another slow news day, so I thought you should check out the expanding world of Pocket God! Take a look:
(version 1)
(version 2)
(Click both to see full size!)
These new things have been added to both:
Chum/Chum Bucket
Fishing Pole
Baby Dino in Egg
I also cleaned up around the edges of things :)

To keep up with all the updates, bookmark this site HERE!
I can't wait to add the new location, I heard it's pretty awesome ;)!
P.S. Vote on what you'd like me to add next in the poll on the right side of the blog.
Also: Tell me which version you like better, 1 or 2, because thats the version ill keep updating!



    My new pocketgod fansite. Please visit it I am trying to make it as succesful as possible.

  2. Version two.
    how do you know there's gonna be a new location? Are u a creator of pocket god or is my computer wrong?

  3. Dave announced that there is gonna be a new location on the other side of egg island, im about to post about it... the title was released!

  4. Thanks for updating my old work :D looks fantastic.