Saturday, September 5, 2009

Achievement Tips (part 3: SWFLATTH)

Hey guys, since the new update is out, and there is a brand new mini-game, some people are definately looking for ways to get the God achievements easily, and quickly, and I have the solutions ;) Check out these 3 easy tips on how to get a high score quickly and easily:

Shark Blasts:
1. Have one finger on the plus button, and one finger on the "shoot" button. Press them both rapidly, because missing doesn't penalize you, or end the game!

2. Try to hit a group of pygmys at every opportunity, because they will all die pretty fast, and they are easy to hit quickly, because you don't need to tilt your iDevice!

3. This last one is the key to success on this mini-game!!! Before you summon the shark, place a pygmy right under the chum bucket, and give him chum to eat. The shark will not go for this pygmy ever, and the shark will never swim off the screen as long as he is there! So don't zap him with your frickin' laser ;)

If you have any other tips for this mini-game, comment below!


  1. didnt know the last one but i have got all the shark blast achievement

  2. An insightfull post. Will definitely help.

    Karim - Creating Power