Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Malcom's Dual Reviews!

*****************Note: Three new pictures of some features on the island can be seen below Malcom's review!!! ************

hey guys! i didnt expect this Report until, like, tomorrow or the day after tomorrow. but thats good coz Apple might be back delaying apps again because of the Apple Event.

ok review time. first, the icon looks awesome! i liked this icon better than SWFLATTH. this icon tells us some nice things. what nice things? hints! the new location will have SOIL for its ground, some kind of eerie background and the ancient grave seal is so cool....

yes! my theories are true! the brain eating, thriller dancing, burying alive to zombie thing is REAL!! woot. dave said there will be a tree with a giant web for a spider in a future update? nice. i wonder what this tree would look like. i hope its a big creepy leafless tree. so you cant touch the zombies at all? all they do is eat and dance? is that a good thing or a bad thing? for me its kinda a bad thing. i will look forward to this update because of two great things. the new island and the Thriller Dance!

if dave's going to put DCLs in the game, better put it free/.99 or else some people wont buy OR they would absolutely hate it coz they dont have money for DCLs. maybe if youre going to make it free, make it a challenge. it could be like, To buy this item, you must first be a Shark Blast God! i cant wait for customizing the island but this update sounds like it will be the last of the PG Updates.

Pocket God 2? no! not yet. maybe next year would be the perfect time to do it. if you guys are going to make the updates 3 to 4 weeks long, i hope the reason is good coz people will be disappointed. i wonder what the secret project is. maybe its the one they told us months back. or hopefully the Pocket God: Suicide Squad thing. im telling you guys, make it a promotional game!

Dave, why does your report sound like the end of Pocket God is near? :-O

PS: no! my adobe photoshop and flash got EXPIRED for some reason. i got the full version! why did it expire! that means i wont be able to make some art for a while. :(

this is malcomjudd, reporting...


Here they are:
(Pygmy becoming Zombiefied)
(New island icon, only way to get there)
("Welcoming sign" to the graveyard)


  1. malcomjudd i always like your duel review

  2. Hey malcom and swigo I made a pocket god forums so check it out and help it grow! You could advertise my forum on your blog as a post for me to get a boost in hits. Also do you guys want to be mods?

  3. dear Malcolm
    there is a very easy photo shop like program free online
    it is called Aviary just go to create an account and use pheonix which is a photoshop crop program

    once again,
    Zane Stein