Monday, October 5, 2009

Shout-Outs to Friends (Part 2: Unique Sites)

***Note: Many of these sites have been shut-down, and only some are still updating***

Hey guys, as you all know, Pocket God forums and blogs have been shooting up like rapid now, and some are very known, and others are just getting started :) Here are a list of some awesome new and old Pocket God-related blogs and forums that I haven't featured yet, or that have changed entirely.

The first is The Pocket God Fans blog. This blog features news updates, fan art, and amazing designs and brand new features!

The next is a very well known blog, that has eve been featured on the Pocket Blog! This blog's name is The P.O.C.K.E.T.G.O.D.S. The P.O.C.K.E.T.G.O.D.S. feature constant new posts because of their 6 admins, and it also features many polls, update ideas, and unique fan art, so check them out!

Also check out this awesome Pocket God Quiz made by a couple Pocket God junkies! It's a lot of fun, and some questions are pretty hard. Try to finish it without cheating, and see if you can beat my score of almost everyone right! :)
(I', currently ranked number 3 :p)

This next one is The Pocket God Forum's brand-new homepage, featuring Update News, The Pocket God World, A PG Chat, Achievement Tips, and Past Update Features! Check out The New Homepage for the PGF!

This next unique site was created by Skipper587, and its is a Tiny Pocket God Chat! Video Chat with your friends, and stay up to date on the latest news! So check his site out for awesome conversations and hours of fun!

This last one has been featured on my blog before, but a couple of weeks ago they did some major renevations, and changed their HTML, so I will feature them again :) This is the best forum for only Pocket God-related stuff, and there is no topic there that they haven't covered/will cover, you guessed it, this last site is the Pocket God Forums! If you want to talk about all Pocket God-related stuff, click the link above, and you won't be sorry.

If you have any sites that you want to see featured, or sites of your own that you want me to feature, e-mail me at


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