Thursday, October 15, 2009

The Pocket God World has been updated!

Ladies and Gentlemen... it is time again for your favorite 7 words...
The Pocket God World has been updated!
At first, I didn't know if I should update it or not, because technically the zombies and the ghosts are "pygmies", and I decided early on that I would never add pygmies, but after a lot of persuasion from beta-tester Hdgreen, and re-thinking a few things, I decided to add the Zombies and Ghosts. So take a look at the new and IMPROVED (in many areas) Pocket God World, but first, I must crush your dreams a little bit ;)...

These items will never be added to the Pocket God World (sorry):
Storm Clouds
Shark-Fire Button
Ooga Jump
Open Coconut
Grave Engraving lighting up
Bird pooping
Fish/Shark on land
Bathroom door open
Ghost Light
Cooked Things
Anything to do with DLC
Octopus Statue lighting up
Spear being thrown
Fully dug-up Grave
Lava shooting out
etc... (if there is anything I missed, comment below)

Anyway, here is the old Pocket God World, version 9.5:
(Click to enlarge)

Here is the new and improved Pocket God World, version 10.1:
(Click to enlarge)

Stay tuned for the Spider ;)!


***Note: Both glitch contests end when Barking Spider, Crouching Pygmy is released!

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