Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Our Exclusive, Super-Duper, Outrageous, Cool, Awesome, Mysterious, Unknown, Super Secrety 100th Post!!!

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WOW! Can you believe it, 100 posts already?! It feels liek just yesterday when I started this blog! So much has changed, from the designs, to the posts, to the polls, the contributors, our fans, and even Pocket God itself!
Just like the title said, this post is gonna be, "Super-Duper, Outrages, Cool, Awesome, etc..."

Malcom and I have been discussing what things we want to put in this post for weeks now, so I'm gonna make an index for you guys, because there is gonna be SO, SO, SO much in this post, you're gonna be more than satisfied!

My "Very First Post"
Malcom's "Very First Post"
New to Old (blog pictures)
Pocket God World Update (Newest Vs Oldest)
Secret Project courtesy of Metalbear and Me
Malcom and My favorite "Twitter Yer Picture" Photos (that were sent to us)
Spoilers! (many, many, many)
Our Blog's Future + Expectations!
Update News

My "Very First Post":
Here is a look back, at my very first post... a lot of things have changed since then! (Did I live up to my expectations by the way?) Take a look at my first post:
Getting Started:
Hey guys, mine name is swigo8, and I'm a senior member at TA, a moderator at the ipocket god forums, a pocket god forums member, and an absolute pocket god junkie! I've been following pocket god since "a mighty wind", and have watched it change from being a small entertainment app, into one of the most known apps, and fun apps in the app store! The point of this blog (I know there are a lot of them) is to post glitches, suggest ideas, show fan art, post news, and hear feedback. This blog is different from the rest of them, because my/and your ideas will actually be heard here, and taken seriously by other people who view them:) We are not like the p.o.c.k.e.t.g.o.d.s. here, we are not exclusive, and we do not think that we are better than you guys in any way, so don't be afraid to post your ideas and thoughts, but keep 'em clean. I hope you guys follow me here on the pocketgodsblog.blogspot.com, and also on the Touch Arcade forums, im a big contributer there, and that's where news happens first, along with the pocketblog.com!

Malcom's "Very First Post":
This is Malcom's first post he ever made on the Pygmy Den, along with his first piece of fan art he created (he's gotten so much better :p)! Take a look:
First Post!!

hey guys,

thank you swigo8 for a nice intro, and as he said, ill be contributing here in the blog(we should have a proper title for this blog, right?). so i guess ill just introduce myself, im malcomjudd(my real name is a secret but i guess all you have to do is pick one of the two names in my username).im 15 and i live SOMEWHERE in asia and i specialize in photoshop and flash. im much more of a designer than an artist, so if you dont like my drawings, dont complain!

so you might be thinking, what will i do here?well, i manage the designs in this blog so if you'd like to see some changes or something should be added just write a comment. i also give two reviews about PG, first one is about the State of the Island/The Dave Report and the second one is about when the newest update is released...
so before i end this post heres a little something i made. but unfortunately, i dont know how to post gif animations in here. XD!


New to Old (Blog Pictures):
Hey guys, this is the part of the 100th post I was most looking forward to myself, comparing what the blog used to look like when I started it, by myself :(, to what it looks like now, thanks to Malcom's designing skills, and my writing! (I took a snapshot on day one when I started) Take a look:

Malcom changed the font, the color, the lay-out, and probably the biggest change of all, our amazing banner! (By the way, click to zoom-in, and look how there are no votes on the poll, and read what the poll is, and also I'm the only follower :o!)
*Same picture but scrolled down more* I only have 36 views!!!
Here is the same picture towards the middle of the screen!

Pocket God World Update (Special Addition):
Hey guys, it's time again for you to hear your favorite seven words, "The Pocket God World has been updated!" But before I show you the newest Pocket God World, take a look at version 0.1 (were on 9.5 now!):

Version 0.1
(Click to enlarge)

Version 9.5
(Click to enlarge)
Moved Bat over Graveyard (for dramatics)
Fixed Clouds

Secret Project courtesy of Metalbear and Me:
Hey guys, Metalbear was working on a project that involved making a collage of all the icons, but he ran into some trouble, so he contacted me and asked me to continue it! So take a look at Metalbear's work, with my help! I will post the updates to this project just like the Pocket God World! Take a look:

"Twitter 'Yer Picture" Contest Winners (Pygmy Den Addition!):
Hey guys, Allan has already revealed the results of the winners, but Malcom and I had some different opinions! Take a look at our favorite photos THAT WERE SENT TO US:

This one was taken by pocketgodpwns, and is extremely creative and funny! Take a look:

This one was sent in by one of our biggest fans here at The Pygmy Den, spidey146! Great job dude:

This next one is just hilarious, so I had to post it, thanks gabemoldovan:

Here is saintsalive's photo of him "drinking" pygmies:

This last one is pretty awesome, and the idea is so unique! Great work, JGDrummer96:

Great job guys, your all winners here at The Pygmy Den, also congratulations to all the winners who won the iPodTouch 64g!

This is the customization screen for customizing your T-rex with the brand-new DLCs:
Here is the information screen to learn more about DLCs:

This is the new menu icon to go the DLC dock:
Here is the icon up close also:
Here is the flash the ghost makes when it appear/disappears:
Here is a pygmy getting taken to the Ghost World (not a new location) by a ghost:

Here is a snapshot of "Metal-rex" in action:

Hey guys, I was gonna post the ending to Drifting Through Time here, but as you already know (If you're reading this), this post is very long! So I will post the ending within the next couple of days, because I'm gonna leave this post up for a day or two! So check back soon! :)

The Pygmy Den's future + expectations:
Hey guys, as this incredible post comes to an end, I thought I'd tell you guys about Malcom and My plan's for this blog! We are not ending here... not at all! We plan to have 200 posts, and then 300, 400 etc...! We are gonna keep coming up with brand-new ideas, and stories, and regular posts, and polls, so no one is gonna get bored anytime soon :)!
We are gonna be around for as long as Pocket God is gonna be around (even longer... were gonna be here 'till Pocket God.2.)!
So our plan is to keep looking for bigger mile-stones. Our next is either gonan be 25,000 views, or 50 followers by 2010! So lets try and get there for out next big surprise!

Malcom and I plan to start a new story (part 1 already written by Malcom) called Prison Break, and I've read what Malcom has written and lemme tell you, it's amazing! This story is gonan be written all by Malcom, while I focus on the rest of my regular posts!

SO, if you have any Pocket God ideas, cool pictures, fan art, spoilers, or anything else, e-mail me at swiggy08@aol.com!
P.S. Please comment below, and tell us if you liked this post, and the plan for the future of the blog!

***Edit: Episode 27: Good Will Haunting is out!!!!!! (New post will be out tomorrow!)


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