Monday, October 5, 2009

Quick News Update!

Hey guys, this is a small news update, and could probably fit into a "note" section of a post, but I thought it deserved it's own post :).

The spider update has been long-awaited (for around 10 episodes now), and has been rumored ever since the new island came out. Davlan has been hinting at it for a while, and Allan has given many clues... and this time in his newest post, he gave out a pretty revealing "hint", "I'm crammed with work, because these animations for the newest update are very time-consuming, since the new creature I am drawing has MANY apendages."
This hint along with many others have left us viewers with only one direction to go in... SPIDERS!
It finally looks like our wishes have been granted, and our 8-legged friend will be crawling in as the new inhabitant of Skull Island!

Click Here to see a video made by saintsalive and the crew over at the PGF of what a spider would like like in Pocket God!
^Great work saints!

Here are some ideas of what the title could be:
Itsy-Bitsy Ooga (saintsalive)
Attack of The Arachnids (swigo8, me)
8-Legged Freak/Friend/Foe/Visitor (TA Forums gang)
Invasion of The Creepy-Crawlies (TA Forums gang)
Leave a comment below and write what you think the title of this episode will be!

(Spoilers about the next, next update haven't really been hinted yet, but some tid-bits of information have been leaked... I will post them here soon)
Stay tuned for our 100th post coming tomorrow!!!
***Scroll down for 2 posts that were posted very recently, so you may not have read them yet ;)!***


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  1. I wonder what the 100th post will be!!! Is it that you will be doing more pygmy adventure series? Pocket God trading cards? Pocket God Olympic Fangames? Pocket God the movie? :o well we'll find out :P