Monday, October 26, 2009

Barking Spider Spoilers!

Hey guys, I just came across a video courtesy of the Pocket Blog, and oldskooler81, and in it there is a sneak peak of the new update, Barking Spider, Crouching Pygmy!

The spider is located around 16-20 seconds and 60-62 seconds!
Here is the link:

I also took some "stills" (pictures) of the spider in action, take a look:

Spider in battle:
Spider just getting hit by the spear:
Spear being thrown at the spider:
Angry spider:
The spider retaliating after getting hit by the spear:
A spider eating a pygmy:
Spider either about to shoot out a web, or eating a pygmy:

I can't wait! Thanks Davlan!


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  2. Out of all this stuff about spoilers which rocks! :D im gonna guess cool pictures is the next post or two posts away. :P i think time is good for now..... but i really liked the whole spoiler then spoiler hunt!! :D

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