Wednesday, October 14, 2009

"Future" State Of The Island

Hey guys, I've been getting a bunch of e-mails about future update ideas, and I've heard a few over at the TA Forums, so I thought I'd post some of my favorite/best well-thought-out ideas here! Take a look:

What's that smell? or iSmell trouble
Icon: A pygmy holding his nose with a skunk pointing his butt at him and green gas is coming out.
Synopsis: There's a new creature living on the island, the skunk! The skunk prowells around stealing the pygmies food (fish, coconuts, dodo etc) and leaves behind a fowell stench. If you tap on him he will let out a big cloud of green gas which chokes all the pygmies that are near. When it's night time he jumps out from behind the tree (statue island), porta-potty (egg island), or bushes (skull island) and attacks the pygmies, giving them rabies. You can cook the skunk over the fire and make a delicious meal!

Title: Invaders from afar
Icon: A beam of green light coming down from a slightly slanted (you can see the bottom) UFO and a pygmy is floating up in the air, into the beam screaming
Synopsis: The clues have been collected,, the mysteries have been solved, who put the pygmies here, stranded, alone, who brought this dinosaur back to life, who left these high-tech ancient items? It has all been revealed in Invaders from afar! When you click on the glowing red star (mars) the earth starts trembling, the pygmies huddle in fear and a giant silver, red and green UFO appears from deep within space. It can land on the island, and martians will come out of the ship! They will mingle with the pygmies, sometimes even plan a hold up or blast them to smiterenes with their ray guns. They may occasionaly be friendly to the pygmies and train the T-rex to be friendly, or make it even more vicious. The ship can also float above the island, abduct pygmies and keep them for tests, or do genetic experiments and send the pygmy back down as an alien. They can also collect all the power from the items they left behind, charge them into their ship and let out an immense beam that blows apart everything, about 20x stronger than a nuclear bomb and occasionaly they will let out a beam so strong, its about 3x stronger than a CHUCK NORRIS ROUNDHOUSE KICK! But then their faithful god puts it back together, he wants fun too!

1.) There's a new option called "create an object". when you click it, it takes you to a little drawing screen.
2.) You draw a shape, whatever shape you want, and it becomes the shape.
3.) Then, you are asked to choose a texture for that shape: Bird feathers, stone, meteor, pygmy, Trex scales, etc... (All patterns that will show up on the shape). You can even upload a picture for texture!
4.) After that, you choose what kind of object it is: A food, a stationary object, etc...
5.) Last but DEFINITELY not least, choose the elasticity(how bouncy it is) of your object. Choose whether it can crush pygmies or options like that.
6.) Then, you save your new object and it drops down into the Pygmy's area! You can use it however you made it in the creator. If it's a food pygmies can eat it, if it's like a rock it can crush pygmies, etc...
7.) You can load it back up any time if you saved it, and use it in the game again.
Think of all the possibilities this could sprout! And what if you could share your creations with others... GAH!
This is possible as I've seen an app called Toy Box do it!
Here's a picture of what the screen would look like:

Awesome ideas guys, I hope they get added soon ;)
If you want your idea featured on the blog, e-mail me t, or post it in the TA Forums! (You have a much better chance of your idea being featured, if you provide a picture with it).

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