Friday, October 30, 2009

Cool Pictures (Letting The Pros Take Over)

Hey guys, this is the strat of something new I am going to add in the cool pictures post! Because it is so popular, I've decided to post 5 pictures in one post from now on, instead of just 4!!! Anyway, this post is for all you extremely dedicated fans out there who always have fan art and cool pictures to send in, and the never seize to amaze me! Also, Malcom sent in his very first cool picture, and it is awesome! Take a look:

This one is called: Before (by spidey146)

After (by spidey146)

Ugh! I hate fish (by pggamer)

Bulimic pygmies (by malcomjudd)

That bats on steroids

Part 23, Dawn of The Ghosts will feature:
Bring it!
Bow down... bow down to me!
Gotta love that fish ;)
What the heck is that?!
Fishing for ghosts?

If you have any cool pictures e-mail me at!


  1. i beat the spider in 6 hits, you take the pygmy and put it right behind the spider when he is not moving and give the pygmy the spear so he hits the spider in the back of the head then pick the pygmy up until the spider stops moving around and do the same thing until its dead
    hitting the spider in the back of the head does the most damage

  2. Mr maybe here ...... How do you become a beta tester? Please answer I really want to be a beta tester!

  3. Mr. Maybe, no more beta testers are being accepted anymore, and its been like that for months now.
    People have been waiting for almost a year, so the chances are slim to none, I am sorry :(

  4. i have a question. Why did you change Anorexic pygmies to bulimic? is it a mistake or did Malcolm or you think it was cooler to be bulimic or what? :P just wanted to know

  5. hey these are real cool pictures ! ho wdid you made them?

  6. @Dragonvarsity:
    Bulimic means to throw up, anorexic means to not eat... so anorexic wouldn't make sense :)

    @jason acney:
    Just nornmal snapshots of the game