Thursday, October 29, 2009

Prison Break!

Hey guys, here comes the next Pygmy Adventure Series story... Prison Break! We released it back-to-back with the final part of DTT coz we made you guys wait long enough. This story is about... well, you'll just have to read to find out! :D

Prison Break! By malcomjudd

Lalalalala♪ Ryan Blake was singing happily while he was torturing the Pygmies of Pocket God (a very popular iPhone game) on his first generation iPod Touch. Ryan was very mean to the Pygmies, feeding them to fire ants and flicking then into volcanoes. He spends hours playing Pocket God, he even ignores his school work, his parents and even his friends, in order to play! In short, he is an absolute Pocket God-Junkie who enjoys killing Pygmies mercilessly.

One day, when he took a break from torturing the Pygmies (which happens rarely), he went to his computer and checked the Pocket Blog (the blog where he gets his latest Pocket God news), and saw a very interesting post. There was a Picture Contest entitled: Twitter Yer Picture with Pocket God on yer iPod! It was a contest where he would picture himself with Pocket God on his iPod in a creative way and the winner would win a 64gb 3rdgen iPod Touch. The other winners would win a consolation prize of Pygmy Statues. So he spent all night thinking of ideas on how to win, and he spent the next day shooting pics of himself and hoping he would win the contest. It was nearly twelve, midnight when he finished and uploaded his pictures onto his computer, and sent them to "@pocketgod on Twitpic." After that, he played PG for two more hours and then finally went to sleep.

It was school today. Ryan was frustrated because he couldn't bring his iPod in school because of the new school rule... NO GADGETS ALLOWED! So he spent the whole day, a Pocket God-less day daydreaming that he won the Picture Contest and that he was messing with his Pygmies. His teacher, Ms. Schwartz, was kind of old, maybe in her mid 40’s and was very strict (She’s so strict that if you coughed, she’d send you to the Principal’s Office.) “Ryan Blake!!!” The whole classroom suddenly awoke out of terror by Ms. Schwartz's ear-shattering screech. “What are you doing?! You’re supposed to be finishing the test!” Ryan said, “I was just thinking about how to find of the value of "X", Ms. Schwartz.” “If you are thinking about the value of X, then what are these bone-headed people drawings on your test paper? Are you trying to mock ME by drawing these, these people??” “But…” “Go to the Principal’s Office!!” Ryan chuckled because Ms. Schwartz was red when she was shouting at him.

As he went to the Principal’s Office, Principal Ched was bashing his computer, writing a letter to someone. When Principal Ched looked up and saw Ryan, he said, “You again? What did you do this time?” But before Ryan could answer, Ms. Schwartz came out of nowhere and said, “He was mocking me Principal Ched! He drew these bone-headed people on his test paper.” Principal Ched said “These bone-headed people don't even look like you, Ms. Schwartz.” “I’m sure I was the one he was trying to draw. Give him detention!!” “But I didn’t do anything wrong!” Ryan said nervously, all he wanted was to get home early to see if he won the Picture Contest. “You did something wrong!” She barked. “You drew onn your papers! You violated the Test Paper Law!” “But there’s no such thing", replied Ryan! “OF COURSE THERE IS!... DETENTION RYAN BLAKE, AFTER CLASS!!!”

After three long hours of Detention, Ryan went home bummed, but excited because he really wanted to know who won the Picture Contest. He immediately booted up his PC, it seemed like forever for the startup because of the suspense. When he checked the blog, Ryan’s name was written there BUT he wasn’t the winner. He was one of the winners with the Consolation Prizes, The Pygmy Statues. Checking out what he won, he was shocked to find out the statue was a foot tall, made of stone, and it was a figure of a Pygmy holding out its hands, scared! Thinking that it was better than nothing, Ryan jumped for joy knowing that he won a very nice collectible of Pocket God. As a kind of celebration, he got his iPod out and tortured his poor Pygmies.

A week after that, Ryan received a package from San Francisco at about 9pm. He wondered why the package came so late in the evening. Hurrying upstairs, he opened the box and found another box, an antique-looking box. He found the Pygmy Statue, but changed somehow? The statue was supposed to be stone, but the one he was holding was made of wood, and it had two red crystals for eyes. Ryan didn’t know if he would return the Statue for it to be replaced or to keep it because it looks so frickin’ cool. He then opened up Pocket God and did the Invincible Pygmy Glitch just for fun. After that, he placed the iPod beside the Pygmy Statue for display. Looking at The Pygmy Statue, Ryan saw a small piece of paper in the hand of the Pygmy that he haven't noticed before. The paper was crumpled and old-looking. When he looked at the paper, There were something written in it, and he read it aloud: MARUU KLARII MOONA OOGA!! "Thats dumb!" and Ryan finally went to sleep. The Pygmy Statue’s eyes seemed to glow in the dark. He forgot to turn off his iPod, so Pocket God was still ON. The glow of the Statue’s eyes grew brighter and brighter, it was so bright that it could blind someone. After the light dimmed down, six little tribe-like people emerged from Ryan’s iPod. They were a half-foot tall, had big, round heads, brown eyes, and brown skin. They were the Pygmies from Pocket God, and they were looking for someone... someone that they wanted to get revenge on. “Ryan!” The Boss said. He had a scratchy voice. He had 5 other troops with him: Chood, Bart, Indy, Eros and schWARTS. The boss was untouchable because he was the one Ryan bestowed the Invincible Pygmy Glitch on. “Oh, Ryyyyaaaannnn!," screeched the boss, "We are finally here now, in YOUR WORLD! We will give you hell after because of what you’ve done to US!”

What will happen to Ryan next? What will the pygmies do to him? How will he hide from them? How will he defeat the invincible pygmy AKA The Boss?! Find out in part 2 of Prison Break made by swigo8!

PS: i wrote this story BEFORE i won the picture contest. i wrote it after i released DTT: Hell Day. This is also my first story so please leave some comments. have i told you guys how much i love to see comments on my posts? so please, LEAVE SOME COMMENTS

PPS: The Final Part of DTT and The Dual Reviews are also located BELOW this post...



  1. This story is completely amazing :D great job and i wonder if the pygmies run away and shwartz teams up with ms. shwartz since they both hate ryan o.o

  2. this story is great!!!! Maybe the pygmies from drifting through time meet the evil pygmies, lol!!

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  4. I cant wait for the next episode of Prison break!! :D I wonder what happens next... Does Ryan escape the pygmies? Does schwarts team up with ms. shwarts? Or does Ryan get the wodden state and ipod and escape while the pygmies rue the town and tries making the wodden statue bring out the shark or something to bring the pygmies back to the ipod like the secret easter egg statue :P i dont know....

  5. awesome man, keep it up