Sunday, October 4, 2009

The Fans Have Spoken...

!***Spoilers for Good Will Haunting are located at the bottom of this post***!

Hey guys, it's been a long, long, long time since I've posted any Pocket God ideas, but when I read the latest 3, I had to post them! These ideas have been talked about before, but Ollie22 and Spidey146 put a lot of effort into the descriptions, and focused on how they would fit into Pocket God, so to honor them, I'm posting their ideas here. Check out these brand-new, unique Pocket God ideas:

Title: Howlboy
Icon: Shows a werewolf pygmy jumping out of the bushes.
Sypnosis: When you tap on some bushes, a strange looking dog comes out of the bush and pulls the nearest pygmy in. We see rustling so that suggests that something violent is happening. Then a hairy pygmy that crawls on all four legs, it eats the pygmies. If you have a zombie and a werewolf on screen, they fight and attack each other, then the zombie kills the werewolf by biting it. If you have a vampire and a werewolf on screen, they fight, the vampire bites the werewolf, but the werewolf scratches it until it stops fighting, it is not dead though. But the werewolf drags the vampire into the bush and we hear chomping and crunching. The werewolf comes back and if you turn on the sun, it undergoes a very intense transformation back into a pygmy. So the only way to have it die is for it to fight a zombie.

Title: Dawn of the ice
Icon: Pygmy shivering while snow begins to fall.
Synopsis: If you bring the meteor very high (about where the ooga jump clouds are) and drop it it will impact with the ground and create an ice age. There are multiple creatures that the pygmies can either harpoon and kill and eat, or keep as pets (with a lot of training) and help them hunt other animals. Also if there is no fire the pygmies will get very cold and most likely die, if there is a fire the pygmies will all crowd around it and occasionally one will accidentaly get pushed into the fire. If you throw a pygmy in the water he will bob up in an ice cube and you can either hit the pygmies around with him, defrost him over the fire or let him sink. To turn off the ice age you put the magnifiying glass in front of the sun.

Title: Eight Legged Pygmy
Icon: A spider pulling a pygmy into its web
DLC Pack: Design of Trees
Synopsis: If you tap on the spider web, a big spider will comeout and use its web to pull the pygmy in. The spider is like radioactive and when it bites the pygmy, the pygmy falls off the web and transforms into a giant spider with a pygmy's head. The spider shoots web out of its mouth and it grabs pygmies and eats them. The way to kill it is by having a zombie and a vampire on screen at the same time with the spider. The two will fight the spider and eventually kill it. It depends on how many zombies there are. Like if there are just two, the spider would kill it. But if there were five zombies, the zombies and the vampires would kill it. If you make a tsunami with it, the spider will be underwater and would attack the islanders.

Awesome ideas guys!
If you want your idea featured on my blog, e-mail me at or post it in the TA forums! Try and include a picture of your idea also because that attracts my attention, and everyone else ;)

***Note: Here is a picture of the "Metal-rex" in action, courtesy of Metalbear:

***Spoilers, courtesy of hdgreen:
The ghost's light when it appears/disappears

Pygmy getting taken to the Ghost World (not new location) by ghost

Icon to buy DLCs

Price for DLCs icon



  1. How about instead of just dropping the meteor, drop it on an actual ooga jump cloud. Oh, and instead of a giant spider, Spiderman.

  2. Thanks a lot. I didnt think my ideas were gonna be featured on a blog, but it feels real good! Thanks a lot!

  3. I think there should be a 5th location. One with huts. You would be able to send hailstorms to destroy the huts and the pigmies could go in the huts to sleep. It would also be cool if you could have other pigmie tribes attack yours and you could either fight them or watch your pigmies be killed.

  4. I think they should make a Christmas skin pack for the holidays.

  5. There should be a plague where the pygmies get infected and it makes them do cannibalism.