Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Drifting Through Time: Aguando's Last Stand

Hey guys, I know I've been saying that I would post the ending for sooooooooo long now, but every time the deadline comes for it to be posted, I always get busy with work, Pocket God-related things, and just about everything else :p and never post it!
I am really sorry for this, but I think I have redeemed myself by FINALLY making a deadline and posting the ending to DTT (Drifting Through Time)! So take a look at part 3 of 3 of Drifting Through Time:

Drifting Through Time: Aguando's Last Stand
By swigo8

The Troop-Leader's battle cry startled even the most powerful soldiers, and made the helpless Aguando's shiver out of fear. There were hundreds of "pleeps" staring the Aguando's evil God dead in the face but that did not make frighten him at all, for he knew that the soldiers could not harm him, for he was a God and they were mere "pleeps". The Troop-Leader came forth and said, "You are not wanted here! These natives belong with us now, and they do not wish to return with you."

The God opened his eyes even wider than they were before and became even more infuriated! He summoned lightning from the sky and zapped hundreds of troops, and said, "You are mere humans... I am a God, the most powerful God there ever was! You do no scare me, and cannot tell me how to treat my Aguando!" The Troop-Leader, who was still not frightened at all stepped forth from the crowd once again and faced the God. He spoke up and said with an attitude, "If these Aguando really mean that much to you ~sir~, then you must give us something in return for them, or they will remain here forever!"

The God thought about this idea, and spoke quietly to himself for a while. Meanwhile, the Aguandos, of which there were only 5 left, Aar, Juhi, Apollo, PygmyBob, and Lotrin, began to sneak out from the crowd and head for the gate that they could not escape through earlier. Aar and Juhi were very badly injured and were holding everyone back, and Lotrin (the only female left) was limping even slower because she complained her stomach was sore and she did not feel well. But despite their injuries, Apollo and PygmyBob snuck to the gate, and tried to open it.

After many minutes of pushing and sweating, the Aguandos finally managed to break through it, but it triggered an alarm. *Beep *Beep* Beep* Everyone turned around including the Troop-Leader and the Aguando God. "STOP," yelled the Troop-Leader, "Or we will fire!" But the Aquandos kept on running. Their god was not pleased with this and blamed the troop leader for not being responsible and being a typical, lazy human. The Aquando God flew through the clouds and summoned an earthquake , which stopped all the soldiers in their tracks, and caused many of them to fall unconcious.

With almost all the soldiers unable to fight back, the Troop-Leader had to step in so he could destroy the God. But as he went to grab his gun, the God zapped him with lightning and continued after the Aguandos.

The Aguandos witnessed their God unleashing his fury on all of the troops and knew they could not escape his wrath any longer. Aar and Juhi were in pain, and Lotrin was sick, and even Apollo was becoming disoriented! They stopped running and turned around despite PygmyBob telling them they should continue. Their God approached them with tremendous force. He spoke to them in a loud booming voice, "You have betray me, deceived me, angered me, and worst of all lied to me!" PygmyBob violently responded, "You do nothing but torture us all day, destroy our villages, and bring new creatures such as spiders to bark up our trees and make us crouch in fear! Doesn't this justify all we have done?!"

Their God paused for a split second before answering then responded, "Do you really enjoy being HERE more than your HOME with ME?" He looked around at the pygmies and found his answer.

With disgust he turned away and said, "You will be sorry for this, for if you think I have been an unholy, unjust, and non-civil God, just wait till you see what else is out there." With these last words their God left into the darkness without sound or explanation.

The Aguando's stared back-and-forth between each other with a confused but happy look on their face because they all knew that that would be the last time they would ever see their God again.

Hours went by, soon hours became days, and days turned into even more days, and the pygmies still had no idea where they were or where they were going. They had no food, no water, and Juhi has fainted many miles back, and they were forced to leave him there. Many miles later Aar, Lotrin, Apollo, and PygmyBob stumbled upon water, freshwater, in the form of a shallow lake. They all immediately ran in, except for Lotrin who still complained of stomach aches and who was throwing up their entire journey. After rinsing off and drinking water and eating wild berries around the lake, and sharing everything with Lotrin, they confronted her to see what was wrong. She said that her stomach had been hurting her since they left Aguando Island, and that it just started hurting her even more a couple days ago. As she started to finish her story, and come to an accusation, Apollo, who was swimming in the lake, dissapeared. Aar noticed he was gone and dove in looking for him but could not find him no matter how hard he looked.
PygmyBob dove in and checked every inch of the shallow lake but could not see how someone could go missing in a lake this shallow and small.

After 3 long, grueling hours they gave up on looking for Apollo, and sat down in horror and grief about losing their friend Apollo. After a long night of silence and sorrow, Aar woke up the next morning to find Lotrin covered in blood, and a new-born baby crying beside her deceased body.

Aar and PygmyBob knew something horrible was happening but could not explain it! They knew it wasn't poisoning, water, food, sleep, or any other physical problems, so they concluded that their old God must've done something to them before he left. They immediately ran out of fear, and took the baby with them, and after many hours of running, they came across a gigantic hole in the ground with a sign on the outside reading, "Safety in the hole".

Aar and PygmyBob did not understand what this sign meant since it was in language they had never seen before, but they went in the hole anyway because it was a good shelter, and as the began to relax for a little, a huge, green, flashing light covered the sky, and a big, metal "cloud" began to descend upon them.

A voice echoed, "I... Am... Your... New... G-O-D" "Your.. Old God... Called... Me... Since You Have... Betray Him" "Your Life ... Is ... Going... To Be... Mine Now." "If you thought... GodGuando was bad... just wait.... I am ... e...v....E....n.... WOrSe...."

As Aar, PygmyBob, and the newly named Tahi looked up, they new that there journey was just beginning and that these new green creatures, with jumpsuits on were there new Gods. They both new that they had made a huge mistake leaving "GodGuando" behind, and not returning to their "peaceful", little island!

The End!

Hey guys, I hope you liked it :)
This is the last part (part 3 of 3), which means this is the end of PygmyBob's journey.
But since this pygmy's adventure is over, its time for a new pygmies to start!....
Malcom will post his new story, PRISON BREAK, tomorrow, so stay-tuned!

If you have any questions, comments, or concerns about the story, just comment below, and I'll answer them!


  1. Oh i thought prison break continued on o Drifting through time only a whole series and theyd journey to try finding apollo and many thing s would happen :P oh well and btw poor apollo i liked him D:

  2. Apollo was a fan favorite, and one of mine too, which is why his death was such an unexpected turn of events, and made me tear-up inside as well :(

    Yes Prison Break is an entire new series Malcom will post after we post the Barking Spider post :)