Monday, October 19, 2009

New SOTI: Barking Spider, Crouching Pygmy!

Hey guys, the new SOTI (State Of The Island) was just released, and wow, it had a lot of information in it!
Dave talked about the new update BSCP (Barking Spider, Crouching Pygmy), the new DLC Pack, and even future updates ;)

Here's what Dave has to say about the new update:

About the update, we are introducing a humongous spider into the graveyard island. We retweaked combat with the T-Rex and the Spider to make it more challenging and also added it as a challenge that you can do with friends. There are new achievements for combat based on the lowest number of spear throws it takes to knock one of these down and I have to say, it's pretty hard. Because if the difference in sizes, each monster needs a slightly different strategy to take it down. Some of the betas had a reaction that it was way too hard at first but there are techniques you can learn in order to get better at it over time. I think it will end up being a fun challenge and it brings more life into the T-Rex so those skins don't go to waste. We also made the spider web interactive, you can drag a pygmy into the web, call a small spider down to cocoon it, and then trigger a bunch of baby spiders to eat the pygmy from the inside out.

Dave also let us know that the new DLC Pack is a Halloween skin pack, consisting of Halloween skins for the volcano, the doodler, and many, many other things!

To read Dave's full State Of The Island Click Here!

You should expect the update by this weekend (around Sunday), but you know how Apple is...

Also, !!!Spoiler Alert!!!:
The next update is a clean-up update for most glitches, and will take about 3 weeks to recieve!
The next 3 updates after that will be another trilogy, and it will contain a New Location!
^Maybe we will finally get to know who created all the mysteries in Pocket God ;)
What do you think?

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  1. i think the new location is either ailiens or aunt artica themed