Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Good Will Haunting Glitches!


Hey guys, as you all know, I like to post glitches after the update has circulated a lot, because that way I don't miss any and THEY ALL FIT INTO ONE POST! So here is a very organized list of ALL THE NEW/COOL GLITCHES in Good Will Haunting:

Tiny Ghost
1.) Go to an island with a fishing pole
2.) Make sure the bird is on
3.) When you catch a fish try to make the bird carry a pygmy away
4.) As he carries him away change to the Skull Island
5.) The pygmy will come back as a ghost but he will be a smaller than usual

Awkward Vampire
1.) As a bat is about to bite a pygmy, make the ghost scream
2.) The bat will follow the newly-turned-ghost, and eventually bite him
3.) The ghost will turn into a vampire, but whenever you touch it, it turn back into a ghost
4.) You can control which direction the vampire is facing
5.) You can make the vampire a zombie as well, and the zombies will be "awkward"
6.) There are many more variations of this glitch, try them all!

Ghostly Bouncing
1.) After doing the "Awkward Vampire" glitch above, drag the vampire into the water
2.) He should be stuck below the island, but you can still see him
3.) Then drag a normal pygmy and try to haunt the pygmy in anyway
4.) If done correctly, the ghost will be back on the island and float at surface level
5.) If you drag him up and let go, he'll start bouncing up and down

1.) Spear a pygmy underwater
2.) Go up to Skull Island before he gets pulled in
3.) He will get stuck under the island as a ghost

Scared Forever
1.) Drag a ghost toward a pygmy, but miss
2.) The pygmy will have a scared expression, and will be invincible

Floating Away
1.) Ooga Jump into grave
2.) Create a zombie with that pygmy
3.) Kill the zombie
4.) A ghost will be created, and the screen will follow him wherever he goes
5.) Drag him "Into the Light: and the screen will stay up high
6.) Quit Pocket God to return things to normal

Spooky Fisherman
1.) Drag a ghost toward a fisherman on any island
2.) Many, many things can happen (leave a comment below for some of these things)!

Head In The Clouds
1.) Drag a ghost to the very top of the screen
2.) Drag him again
3.) He will get stuck at the top of the screen

Ooga Ghost
1.) This only works if you cannot access Ooga Jump (very rare) (to undo restart PG)
2.) Throw a pygmy into the air, and make him land on a cloud (turn ghost icon on)
3.) He will enter Ooga Jump bit the screen will stay below (Ooga Jump sounds will play)
4.) Slowly tilt the screen left or right until he falls (takes a while)
5.) After he dies, you will have a tilt-controlled ghost

Sticky Head
1.) Drag a ghost to the farthest left side of the screen, quickly
2.) The ghost will get stuck on the left side of the screen

Sideways Floating
1.) Do the "Sticky Head" glitch
2.) Touch the ghost
3.) The ghost will float sideways

Here are some old glitches that still exist:

Ninja Pygmy
1.) Place a pygmy in the grave
2.) Cover the grave
3.) Right when the zombie comes out, flip the iDevice upside-down and over
4.) A normal pygmy will come down
5.) Tilt it again, he will turn into a zombie

Stone-Cold Dancer
1.) Make a stone pygmy from by using the bonfire
2.) Drop it in the grave (he will become alive)
3.) Turn him into a zombie
4.) Make everyone dance, he won't dance...

Many Fisherman
1.) Have a pygmy stack one log in the fire-pit
2.) Repeatedly drop the fishing rod on the dire pit
3.) If you get lucky, a pygmy will pick up the "rod" and start fishing
4.) The rod keeps spawning though
5.) Add more pygmies and get them to pick up the rod as well
6.) There can be 6 pygmies fishing at once

1.) Turn storm cloud and bird on
2.) Catch a fish
3.) When the bird goes to pick-up the fish, zap it with lightning (takes practice)
4.) Tap the zapped bird
5.) He will fly off into the water

Weird Sunsets
1.) Quickly switch between night and sunset
2.) Ugly Sunset
1.) Quickly switch between day and sunset
2.) Happy sunset

Cannibal Glitch
1.) Everyone knows this one

Endless Fall
1.) When a pygmy falls in Ooga Jump turn the storm clouds on/off repeatedly, quickly
2.) He will fall forever

More Cannibal Glitches
1.) Put a pygmy on one-half of a coconut
2.) Make the bird poop on him
3.) He will pick up the "coconut" and eat it

Dark Sky or White Sky
1.) Refer to Dead Pygmy Walking Glitches

T-rex Belly
1.) Pygmy gets eaten by T-rex
2.) Touch the T-rex right after the pygmy was eaten
3.) The pygmy pops out

There are many other glitches that don't really affect game-play that I did not list!
There are also many variations to the invincible pygmy glitch that I did not list!
There are also many glitches that make the app crash that I did not list!

If you have any cool/new glitches that weren't listed above, comment below or on the side of the blog!


If anyone can recreate this glitch, and give steps on how to recreate it, 5 options of prizes will be available to them!

Here is the glitch:

Sticky Tail
1.) The shark gets stuck in the air randomly!
(This picture was from this update, but the glitch has been around for a long time)
I took this picture! It is real!

***2nd Place contest:

Recreate this glitch, with steps on how to recreate it!
Smaller prize will be rewarded!
Here is the glitch:
*Picture taken by me, this update*

Good Luck! E-mail me or comment if you figure out how to recreate it. My e-mail is!


  1. Just pick up the shark real fast and let him go real fast. Really hard glitch

  2. That one just do egg island then underwater then statue island real fast.

  3. Hey guys, none of those answers are right (they used to be for the last update, but not anymore)
    I can't give any hints because I don't know how to recreate them fully ;)

    The contest ends when Barking Spider, Crouching Pygmy is released :)!

    Good luck!

  4. How do I submit a cool picture?