Thursday, October 8, 2009

Cool Pictures (Revenge of The Fans EXTENDED ADDITION!)

Hey guys, I had a bunch of free time the other day, so I was going through some more e-mail and looking for some new unique cool pictures... but my expectations were pretty low. However after I was done, I realized that I had already saved more than 10 photos, so I thought that I'd show you guys MOST of those 10 brand-new, awesome, cool pictures! This extended post is dedicated to the fans, take a look:

This one is called: My fish! (By grace)

Stop! That's mine (By rastamonkey)

I told you not to touch my food! (By pggamer)

Extreme dance-off! (By rastamonkey)

Hammerhead??? (By dragonvarsity)

Extreme dance-off 2.0! (By rastamonkey)

Where's Waldo... Pygmy addition (By pggamer)

Cool Pictures 17, DLC Madness will feature:
"Wow, this screen is getting crowded!"
Where'd my fire go?
Like father, like son
OH MY GOD! I have to change my outfit now.

If you have any cool pictures, email me at! Great job guys!

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