Sunday, October 25, 2009

The Fans Have Spoken

Hey guys, here are a couple more awesome ideas, that I thought I'd share with you! Take a look:


Title: The Sky is Coming Down Fast!
Icon: A pygmy standing under a "broken" cloud with a scared/confused look on his face.
Synopsis: The pygmies broke the sky. Theres an option to turn off/on which lets you break off pieces of the sky, and hit the pygmies with them. Behind the sky of course, is covered in static. The pygmies then freak out, but when they run around, nobody helps them. Because when your TV is out, nobody can hear you scream.
DLC Pack: Meteor:
Pumpkin, Magic 8 ball, Bowling ball, Metal, Cloud, Biscuit, Glass sphere.


Title: Pocket God 2: Pygmies in Space!
Prologue: When you start a new game, there is a video of the pygmies on the first island and then an alien ship comes and abducts the pygmies and the ship flies away to the red star at night. Then we see the ship landing on mars and aliens bringing the pygmies in a space station. We see a hologram of the alien leader mocking the pygmies. Later the pygmies are put in cells and find a hole in the wall that they climb through. That is when the video ends.
Synopsis: You have to escape the alien factory, we control ooga. There is a control pad. There is a menu at the top of the screen and you can choose pygmy weapons or alien weapons. There are also functions from the original game like a button for the T-Rex which sends a T-Rex out to kill the aliens. A spider button that sends out a spider that shoots webs at the aliens and then eats them. There is a button for zombies that come and eat the aliens. There is a ghost button also that makes ghosts come and pull the aliens into the ghost world. You can only use the t-rex, spider, zombies, and ghosts, a couple of times, but the weapons are unlimited. The game ends with Ooga freeing all the pygmies and they get astro suits and go to the UFO and fly back home but find that they are on an island in the future----->Pocket God 3!

Great ideas guys! Hopefully they will be in Pocket God one day :p!

If you have any ideas, e-mail me at, and try to attatch a picture along with your idea!

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  1. Oh my pocket god you have to check out the pocket blog at where it talks about voting for pocket god but after that shows an Amazing Super Duper ratical spectacular music video for pocket god. it even gives away a little sneak peak for barking spider crouching pygmy (BSCP)

    - dragonvarsity

    P.S. i know it says enger but its really my moms computer and i went on this so its really me not my mom :P