Thursday, October 15, 2009


Hey guys, as you can see I have "upped the awesomeness" of the blog, yet again! ;) Instead of having 2 polls (which is a lot), I have decided to add an extra 2, yes you heard me correctly, I have doubled the amount of polls on the blog! :O!!!
This is my way of apologizing for being late on the Drifting Through Time finale. After I release the awesome ending (soon), I will also post Malcom's amazing new story entitled...
Prison Break!
^I have read the story, and let me tell you, it is his best work yet, and the icon... let me just say you will be impressed! We will release it back-to-back with the ending of DTT coz i made you guys wait long enough...

Our brand-new polls give you the control of what you want the future of our blog to be, and also let's Malcom and I see your input on what you think of Pocket God now, and the State Of The Island!

The results on the last 3 polls will be posted shortly, and I have a special surprise to go a long with them, since the results were almost unanimous!

So check out the right side of the blog, and get VOTING!

***Note: I will post the ending to Drifting Through Time, when we hit 30,000 views!

***Note: We are on our way to almost 50 followers, but still have some work to do. The dead-line is still December 1st (it was changed a while back from December 31st). So get all your friends and Pocket God-junkies to follow!

***Note: Don't forget about the contest having to do with the glitches at the bottom of the "Good Will Haunting glitches" post!!! But more on that later ;)



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