Friday, October 9, 2009

Malcom's Dual Reviews!

So the update is out! Unexpectedly, again. I really like the Now Showing Screen. I really want to know how allan does those Screens with a VIDEO TUTORIAL/BACKSTAGE PASS.*

This update is really cool! Probably the best update so far. Why? First, they have added the much awaited DLCs or Customization Packs that the fans has been asking for since i bought this game. Second, coz this update is great for its cool and many functionalities.*

Im going to start off with the things i like about this update. As i have said, this update has lots of cool functionalities in it, there's screaming, possessing, theres heart attacks, theres kidnapping and theres pulling which are very cool. Allan really made such a good job with all of the animations and the looks of the Ghosts and Pygmies. The other thing that is very cool is the DLC packs that the people has been asking about for a long time. The trex skins is great along with the hats but i dont think so for the tattoos. Its like the Trex got the spotlight back again coz i havent used the trex since the Bonfire.*

Now this is the part where i tell what are the bad things that is in this update. First, and my MOST HATED thing about this update is that when you turn pygmies into ghosts, its considered as a GIFT. I was surprisedcto see my pygmies with an Annoyed Mood. I worked hard trying to get their moods to Freaked Out then it all fades away with that "gift." *My second thing that i dont like is that the update has a few bugs that needs sorting out like the Ooga Jump thing, a pygmy suddenly gets nervous even when you arent doing anything to it and others. Some people, but not me, hate this update coz Davlan upgraded PG to 3.0 and they cant even update PG to Ghosts because of them adding DLCs (which i havent bought coz i dont have any money yet).*

I think the next update is about the spider BUT i want a monster mashup update where there will be a battle with Zombies, Ghosts and Vampire. I think a beta gave us a clue in the TA Forums what the next DLC update will be. I think its going to be WEAPON CUSTOMIZATIONS. Tho there should be a DLC update where you can name the Animals/Creatures of PG.

So overall, i will give this update a grade of A-

This is malcomjudd, reporting...



  1. Davlan said that the final part of the horror trilogy is aleins

  2. I don't recall it but it will have to do with the red dot in the sky and if u tap it and a space craft similar to alein Vs predotar looking guys come down and the pygmys fight them with lazer guns