Tuesday, October 13, 2009

New Leaderboards of BSCP and some notes

Hey guys,
swigo is still out but he told me to tell you about all the new leaderboards! They are:

Fed to Spider
Food for Spider Babies
Spider Hunt
T-Rex Hunt

We think that the first two sacrifices are the actual eating and functionality of the spider BUT the intriguing part are the last two ones. Some of the beta testers told us that you can kill the spider like the T-rex! They also said that there is some new battle gameplay in this update!

Since swigo owes us the last part of DTT, we are going to release the last part of DTT AND the new story which I made a while ago ;)

NOTE: The betas already have 3 builds (of 4) now which means the update should really be submitted soon.


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