Thursday, October 15, 2009

Glitch Contest!

Hey guys, both glitch contests are still continuing, and no one has claimed the prizes yet... So HURRY UP. The first contest will continue until someone figures out how to recreate that glitch, but the second contest will end when "Barking Spider, Crouching Pygmy" is released!


If anyone can recreate this glitch, and give steps on how to recreate it, 5 options of prizes will be available to them!

Here is the glitch:

Sticky Tail
1.) The shark gets stuck in the air randomly!
(This picture was from this update, but the glitch has been around for a long time)
I took this picture, and it is real!

***2nd Place contest:

Recreate this glitch, and provide steps on how to recreate it.
A smaller prize will be rewarded!
Here is the glitch:

Island Mumbo-Jumbo
1.) Things from Egg Island appear on Statue Island
2.) The objects must stay on the island, not just fall from the sky
*Picture taken by me, this update*

E-mail me your entries at

Good luck, and get going!


  1. i have said it before and i will say it again "please give a hint"

  2. I can't give a hint, because it gives it away...
    Also some people are really close, which means if I give a hint now, it will be unfair to the people who have gotten close without a hint.

    If I could give a hint, I'd HOLLA at you guys right now, but I'm not supposed to ;)

  3. Can't u give me some credit for those last glitches?

  4. I know it

    First you are at the islan and start ooga jump then you quickly change to water area the to the other island and the you are done

    By Guzzyo

  5. got it you have someone fish then drop the shark on top of him then turn of fishing they fall into the water then the shark stays there then turns off after. i will sends swingo08 the picture