Thursday, October 29, 2009

Barking Spider, Crouching Pygmy Is Out!

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Hey guys, I know I'm a little late here with the news, but I was trying to let the ending of Drifting Through Time and the beginning of Prison Break have their "lime-light". Anyway, Barking Spider, Crouching Pygmy has been released, and the update is pretty awesome in some parts and well... not so awesome in others, but I'll let Malcom tell you about that in his Dual Review.
Anyway, this update has a brand-new creature on the island... A gigantic dog-like spider! Also, the battle optimization was changed around quite a bit so now the T-rex can only be hit in the head, and every time he eats a pygmy, he regains energy. You may have noticed that the T-rex is a lot faster now, and can't be tapped off the screen also. There are also new feint-enabled achievements for killing both the T-rex and the Spider in as little spear throws as possible. This is pretty hard, but I've managed to get the god achievements for both the T-rex and the Spider ;)
My favorite part about this update is definately the amazing Halloween DLC! It is incredible, and I can't seem to change my island back to its original contents because it is so good ;) So if you have $0.99, go buy it now!
But if you need more convincing, here is a link of all the DLC (click the buttons like in the game to scroll through) Click Here!

Also, I will post the achievement tips for how to kill both the Spider and the T-rex easily in a couple of days.
Also, also, the winners will be announced within a few days, and I will speak to them privately so I can award the prizes, which I will share with all of you soon.
Also, also, also the Pocket God World is on its way, and it looks awesome!

Here is Malcom's Dual Review:

Hey guys,

So, this update contains a Giant Barking Spider which you can kill like the T-rex but it isnt that easy. They have made the battling system more challenging and a lot harder. The other thing that is new in this update is the Halloween DLC pack which is incredible. Download it if you can, not like me :(, I still dont have any money to buy the DLCs. So get downloading! Oh, and as Allan said, rate PG in the iTunes Store because of their new competitor, Pocket Devil...

So when this update came out, I downloaded it via the repurchase trick and opened it, there was this New Screen which tells you about the latest contents of that update. It really looks great and they should've done that earlier.

The barking spider literally barks and whines like a dog. I dont know if I hate it or like it yet. The spider looks nice, kinda what I expected. Tho I expected that the spider could do something more than "webbing" and eating the pygmies. The battle system is great! It added some kind of challenge in PG which I have been looking forward to. The T-rex (and Spider) are now way harder, better, faster and stronger which adds a very nice mini-game into PG. To all the people who are saying that its impossible to get the God Achievement in hunting these two creatures, it is possible, but its just hard. As dave has said, "It takes some skill and practice to get it." What bugs me is that the spear needs to hit the HEAD not the body. If the spear doesnt hit the head, nothing happens and the creature eats another pygmy. But overall, the new battling system is GREAT but the Spider should do MORE...

The DLCs are great just by looking at them. I just looked at it coz I can't buy any DLC yet. Its perfect for halloween and the skins are awesome like the Sand and Underwater Statue. They really should have a DLC for naming the Creatures of Pocket God or probably skinning the Island Trees...

This is malcomjudd, reporting...



By the way, the new update name is Pyg Chill (as in big chill), and is about... Weather change! Dave said, "expect a new weather front to hit Pocket God"!

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