Thursday, October 1, 2009

(All About DLCs) Polls Are Over!

Hey guys, I know its been a while since you've seen the polls, How much would you pay for DLCs?and What DLC do you want in Pocket God first? But I've been so backed up in school work, and new regular posts for the Pygmy Den, stories, cool pictures, glitches, etc... So I'm a little behind, but hopefully after this post I can resume getting caught up with work :) So without further ado, here are the results for the two polls listed above:

How much would you pay for DLCs (Downloadable Content)?

1st Place: $0.99 53%
2nd Place: $5.00 or More 11%
3rd Place: I'm not gonna buy DLCs 11%
4th Place: No more than $0.98 9%
5th Place: $1.00 to $1.99 9%
6th Place: What the heck is DLC? 3%
7th (Last) Place: $2.00 to $4.00 0%

Looks like Davlan mad ethe right choice with $0.99 :) For those of you who picked $5.00 or up, I commend you for being so dedicated to Pocket God and Davlan! For those of you who picked What the heck is DLC, you clearly didn't read the poll title...

What DLC (Downloadable Content) do you want in Pocket God first (of only one)?

1st Place: T-Rex Skins 39%
2nd Place: Shark Skins 14%
3rd Place: I'm not on 3.0 :((( 14%
4th Place: I don't want DLCs 9%
5th Place: Coconut Skins 7%
6th Place: Sand/Dirt/Rock Skins etc... 7%
7th Place: Statue Skins 5%
8th Place: Tree 3%
9th Place: Dodo-Bird Skins 1%
10th (Last) Place: Fish Skins 1%

Once again, it looks like Davlan made the right decision since 39% of you voted for the T-rex, and if you haven't heard already (I highly doubt that), T-rex skins are in this update, and the one after... well it's still a surprise ;)
I was also very surprised that less than 1% of you voted for the fish, even the coconut beat it!!! :O

Anyway, these polls are over, and it's time for 2 new ones to start, so check out the right side of the blog, for the 2 brand-new polls!
P.S. If you have any ideas for poll, comment below!

***Awesome Note: The next chapter (and last) in Drifting Through Time will be entitled:
Drifting Through Time: Aguando's Last Stand!
^Story to be released this weekend (Monday the latest)!


  1. me pretending to be an innocent viewer:

    whoa! i cant wait for the ending of DTT! tho the new polls are not that great...


  2. You are so lucky malcom to have won te 64 gig

  3. new polls:

    what should the next three updates that match ex: spider,wasps,muqitos or someting like that