Saturday, October 3, 2009

Fan Art (Kicking it "oldskool")

Hey guys, I've been getting some awesome new fan art from tons of people, but one person who always seems to come up with new, creative, funny fan art is oldskooler81, from TouchArcade! Every few days, he posts his awesome Pocket God pictures, and it baffles me how many ideas he has, and the fact that they never run out! So take a look at my tribute to my pal, oldkooler81 (great job dude!):

(These are all his titles for his photos by the way :) )
This one is called: The Ghost Came Early

OMG Fire works

What is that?


Northern Lights

OMG The sun!

Great job oldskooler!
Keep the fan art coming guys, and maybe one day you can get your own post as well!
If you have any fan art e-mail it to me at! Stay tuned for part 9 :)!

***Note: Here is a picture of one of the skins of the T-rex, courtesy of Metalbear:

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