Monday, October 5, 2009

(Future Of The Pygmy Den) Poll Is Over

Hey guys, this poll was really important to Malcom and I, because it gave us and idea of what the viewers want more of, and what they don't want that much of at all, so check out the results for the "What do you want Malcom and I to post more of" poll:

1st Place: Glitches 25%
2nd Place: Cool Pictures 23%
3rd Place: Pocket God Ideas 18%
4th Place: Pocket God World Updates 15%
5th Place: News/Dual Reviews 6%
6th Place: Fan Art 5%
7th Place: Stories 2%
8th Place: More Polls 1%
9th Place: Site Affiliates 0%
10th (Last) Place: Less Posts 0%

Glad to know that no one wants us to post less posts :p. Anyway, I'm taking these results into consideration for our 100th post (coming up very soon!), so I'll be posting almost everything but site affiliates! Even though I'm gonna have to post that one day ;)
At one point, cool pictures had around 53%, but it looks like the results here are pretty unpredictable, so instead of having a cool pictures post, I'm gonna post a glitch...
Since glitches came in first with 25%, here is a glitch courtesy of pgggamer:
When a pygmy is crawling out of the grave as a zombie, turn your iDevice upside-down and then back really quickly, and your zombie will either:
Turn into a pygmy, but not be attacked by the zombies,
Be frozen on the screen as a zombie, and can't attack any pygmies.
Take a look:
Thanks pggamer!

Since this poll is over, it's time for a new one to start, so check out the right side of the blog, for the new poll!
If you have any ideas for polls comment below!


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