Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Cool Pictures (Competition For: Funkiest Island)

Hey guys, this post is dedicated to the Ice Island and the Pygmy Graveyard for being the creepiest, strangest, most dangerous, and funkiest islands in the Pocket God World! Comment below after you read this post and look at the pictures, and lemme know if you think the Ice Island or Pygmy Graveyard should win the "Funkiest Island Of The Year Award"! Take a look:

Attack of the monsters!

Icy-Butt :p

Now that just looks out of place...

Great job minions, great job!

This isn't gonna end well...

Part 34, Cold is the new "Hot" will feature:
What are you looking at?!?! (by Malcom)
"Someone play with me :'( " (by SIDART
Hot, hot, hot!
I'm hungry

If you have any cool pictures, e-mail them to us at thepygmyden@gmail.com!

Comment below! :)


  1. graveyard should win it has a lot more features seeing its older...
    maybe the ice island will get my vote after a few more add ons

  2. ice island is so much better i think beacause it has the igloo that can cook fish like the fire it has the igloo launch feature and the best monster in the game also it has my own glitch i found called "name the fish"

    pocket lover