Friday, January 1, 2010

Prison Break: Battle From Within

Hey guys, I just got back from vacation, and I had no internet, so I couldn't post that much, but I'm back now, so here is the long-awaited sequel to Malcom and my Pygmy Adventure Series: Prison Break. Part 2, entitled Prison Break: Battle From Within.
The concept and summary was by me (swigo8), but the story itself was written by Malcom, and he did an amazing job! Sorry it took so long! Take a look:

Prison Break: Battle From Within

Ryan jumped out of his bed shocked by the startling noise. As he hastily got up, he tried to figure out where the noise came from, but then felt something gently touch him from under his bed. He looked under his bed and saw something very familiar... Ryan grabbed what was under his bed and dragged it under his bed lamp. Once he got a clear visual, he immediately dropped it as soon as he saw that he was actually holding a real pymgy!

"Hello Ryan, you know me right? Im your favorite Pygmy when it comes to torturing, right? After all I am The Boss... and being The Boss has its privileges," the pygmy said, "Tribe Nuwakuu, get Ryan!" Ryan, whom still could not believe that the Pygmies came out of his iPod, into real life, tried to move but couldn't. Something was holding him. He turned around and saw that the other 5 pygmies were holding him, and he realized that he couldn't break free from their hold, no matter how hard he tried! The Boss said, "Oh, don't move Ryan, we will just get rid of you slowly and painfully!"

Ryan screamed and looked around him to see if there was something he could use to get rid of the Pygmies, and escape without injury. As he looked around the room, he saw a ball, a bunch of papers, a heavy book, and a hockey stick. "That'll do," he thought to himself. He reached for the stick and swung it at the pygmies holding his feet. He got his feet free and stood up, went for his iPod, which he placed in his pocket, and then for the door. He quickly locked it, but the pygmies were breaking his door down using their bones, and slowly getting through. Ryan tried to think of a good place to hide... The School's Cafeteria, he thought!

When Ryan finally got to his school, he thought to himself, "Why did I choose to go here?" After rethinking his decision, he realized it actually was the best hiding place, and shrugged, then went to the cafeteria. When he got to the cafeteria, he saw mean, old Ms. Schwartz sleeping on one of the tables. He thought that if she caught him being there in the middle of the night, she would (again) shout at him. So Ryan tried closing the door to the cafeteria quietly, but instead it made a loud creaking noise that made Ms. Schwartz wake up. "Who's there?" Me. Schwartz crackled. Then she saw Ryan at the door. "You again? What are you doing here in the middle of the night?!" But before Ryan could answer, there was a noise echoing in the school corridors. Ryan pleaded to Ms. Schwartz, "Shh! They're coming! Quick, hide!!" "Why? Why would I hide? Who's coming? You'd better tell me right now Ryan or i'll give you Detention EVERYDAY!!" "Alright, alright, relax," he mumbled. "These little prehistoric people from a game in my iPod are heading right for us, and now they are out and trying to kill me!" Ms. Schwartz laughed, "Ryan, thats the dumbest excuse you've ever said to me. Now let me check what that noise is, it might be the police looking for you, you little delinquent.

Ms. Schwartz headed right for the door, and then Ryan heard her scream at the top of her lungs. There was a crash, a punch, and a loud thud... then silence. Ryan was hiding behind the garbage can, trying to see what happened to old Ms. Schwartz. "I wonder if she's dead," he thought. But before he could check, the Pygmies came barging into the cafeteria. "I gotta get out of here," Ryan thought. He ran as fast as he could while trying not to be seen by the savage Pygmies. Fortunately, the Pygmies didn't see him... but unfortunately, they heard him.

The Boss said, "After him, don't let him escape! Go wherever you think he may hide, now!" Ryan was now out of breath, he stopped at the janitor's closet and opened the door, but there was a pygmy inside! Shocked by his discovery, he ran into the science lab for safety. Panting like a dog, he opened the door again, only to find that The Boss was searching there as well.

Out of ideas, Ryan ran to the last place he would ever have thought of... The Girl's locker room. Luckily for Ryan, there were no pygmies to be found. "Alright, I think im safe for now. I gotta call for help," he thought. He pulled the iPod from his pocket to Tweet someone because he didn't bring his iPhone. When he looked at his iPod, he saw that the App Pocket God was still on... He tried pushing the "plus button" to see if any pygmies would come out, but to his surprise not even one pygmy appeared.

BAM!!! As Ryan tried to open up Twitter, the door to the girl's locker room was slammed open, and all the pygmies, including The Boss stood in front of him. "Get him," yelled The Boss! Ryan was startled because of the crash, and accidently he dropped his iPod on the ground, and something happened...

All the pygmies (except The Boss) started to levitate! The Boss said to his minions, "What the heck?! You're all still affected by the game?... Good thing Ryan made me Invincible awhile back..." Ryan tilted his iPod where The Boss was standing and the pygmies all flew into The Boss. BANG!!! All the pygmies collided and hit The Boss hard, knocking him to the ground.

Ryan quickly went for the door again. He checked his iPod and he saw that it had only 10% battery remaining. "Oh no! How can I defeat the pygmies without my iPod?" he thought. Ryan was trying to get out of the school when a Pygmy grabbed him by his leg. He screamed and looked at his iPod, then quickly performed the pygmy dance, and the pygmy let go, without a choice.

When he got outside, the Pygmies were coming for him. So he used the Statue's Easter Egg to get rid of all of 'em. "You Know You Like Pocket God!" ... The five pygmies turned into dust! Ryan checked his iPod and saw that the five pygmies were back into the game and were controlled by him again, as if nothing happened. But from the ashes of the dead pygmies, The Boss emerged, still living! Ryan quickly made one of the pygmies in his iPod go fishing,y and then overcook the fish. When the fish was finally overcooked, it disappeared from the screen and dropped from the sky in the real world. "This burnt fish is one of the ways to get rid of Invincibles," Ryan excitedly thought. The Boss was going for the fish, and everything was working out perfectly! The Boss began to lift the fish slowly, and drop it into his mouth, but then, all of a sudden, the overcooked fish disappeared out of thin air.

Ryan checked his iPod and saw that it had no battery remaining! The Boss said, with an evil grin on his face, "Hehehehe, now its just you and me Ryan!" ... ... ... ...

What will happen to Ryan next? How will he get home and put The Boss back in his iPod? Find out in part 3 of 3 in the Prison Break trilogy...

Part 3 will be written by Malcom and I as well, and will be entitled: __________ (To be Announced)

Release date is: ________To Be Announced (soon)

Happy Holidays, please comment below!


  1. Cool twist, the iPod controls them but unfoutunetly he is low on battery. You should make it that he remembers that one of his friend has Surge the solar charger for his iPod and Ryan borrows it in the next one

    pocket lover

  2. i like the story. its really cool but what if Ryan almost got killed by the Boss but then all these glitches went on him like the nerverending falling glitch and surrendered returning to the ipod. and he wonders how that happened. maybe ms. schwartz did it cause after looking at the app, she loved torturing new people and became nicer and ryan knew he shouldnt be so addicted to pocket god playing it all the time. he should also play doodle jump! :D Lol just an idea idk