Monday, December 14, 2009

Pygmy Search

Hey guys, this post is another game having to do with the Pocket God World, inspired by spidey146's idea of a find the differences in the Pocket God World! However, this game is just a tad but more complicated, here are is the overview:

There are a bunch of hidden waving pygmies lost in the Pocket God World: version 12.5, and it is your job to find them. All the pygmies look the same, but range in size, form big-normal-tiny. I will post a picture of what type of pygmy you are looking for lower down.

Your job is to find all the "waving" pygmies lost in the Pocket God World faster than anyone else. However, I am not going to tell you how many pygmies there are! When you e-mail me your submission, all you have to tell me is how many pygmies there are, and where 3 of them are.

1.) Once you think you have found all the pygmies in the Pocket God World, e-mail me how many you found and where 3 (no more, no less) are located.
2.) If you comment below saying where some of them are, you will be disqualified, and your post will be deleted.
3.) I will post the post both the original Pocket God World and the one with the pygmies in it. You will have to figure out your own method for finding them.
4.) Each pygmy counts as one.
5.) Look far, look close, look for big, look for small, look high, look low, these pygmies are scattered everywhere!

Find me!
This is what the pygmies look like that you are looking for:

Here is the original Pocket God World: version 12.5:
Use this as a reference.

Here is the Pocket God World: version 12.5 with the hidden "waving pygmies":
(Click to enlarge)

1.) You only get one submission, so don't submit your guess of how many pygmies there are until you are 100% sure.
2.) Only the first person that submits the right guess for the number of pygmies will get their name posted on the blog as the winner of the contest.

I will post the results and answers later this week!

When you have an answer, e-mail me at!

Comment below and tell me what you think of this game!

Best of luck,


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