Saturday, December 12, 2009

Quick News....

Hey guys, malcomjudd here to tell you all two things.

1st Announcement:
If you have any pictures, videos, fan art, comments, suggestions, ideas, recommendations, reactions and other things that you want to share to us? Send 'em all to the new Pygmy Den email:

2nd Announcement:
Swigo and I have LOTS of posts for you guys this coming Holiday, which include contests, (very) Cool Pictures the Part 2 of Prison Break and some other great stuff!

PS: A brand new Cool Pictures Post is located right underneath this post...

This is malcomjudd reporting...



  1. I have some cool stuff to show you should I email it or can I post it in the comments and p.s. Your block is freaking awesome

  2. And also are you going to release info about Good Job, Ice Hole?

  3. @cjx324: you should email it to the new email and we have NO news uet about the ice hole.


  4. R U guys going to say I won the contest