Tuesday, December 1, 2009

The Pyg Chill Is Out!

Hey guys, Pocket God Episode 29: The Pyg Chill is out!!!

I did not expect the update to be out this early at all, and I am pretty sure both Dave, Allam, and all of you guys are pretty shocked as well! Only 8 days for Apple to approve... WOW!

Well, I will post more about the update in the morning, along with Malcom's Dual Review, coming shortly, but meanwhile, enjoy the awesome, brand-new update! It truly is the greatest Pocket God update yet!

Here are the remaining spoilers and their games:

Spoiler Game #3 (Level: Moderate):

Spoiler #3:

Spoiler #4 (No game):

Spoiler Game #5 (Level: Hard):

Spoiler #5:

There is no need to tell you guys what these spoilers are, just update Pocket God and check it out :p

Spoiler about the next update:
I was going to post this on day 10 of my spoiler games, but since the update is out, I guess I will post it now, the next update is called...
Pocket God Episode 30: Good Job, Ice-Hole
It is a play on words (Ice-Hole sounds like a "bad word"), and there is going to be an Ice-Hole on the new Ice Island, and maybe something else, but that is all Dave has confirmed. Also the update after that is most likely temperature change to end the trilogy (this came from Dave himself).

I will post more information about The Pyg Chill update tomorrow. For now, just enjoy!


  1. oh nice try getting us to not be so bored waiting for the pyg chill even though it came out tonight. well at least we can decorate the islands, battle the ice monster and mess with the pygmies using the igloo :P

  2. its kind of laggy. can they fix it in the next update

  3. Dont you mean "Dave and AllaN"