Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Episode 50: A "fAnny" story

Hey guys, check out these awesome ideas sent in by our viewers! Take a look:


Title: The Last Pygmy
Icon: The Pygmies with a strange green glow on top of them, and the pygmies are floating.
Synopsis: Tap the red star at night and an alien ship comes to whatever island you are on and abducts the pygmies. After the pygmies are in the ship, the ship drops a bomb on the island and destroys it. It flies up onto mars and then it shows a pygmy looking out the window and it shows the first island cracking apart and the pygmy has a really scared look on its face. Finally when they reach Mars. The aliens put the pygmies into space suits and bring them into the space station. Suddenly you are in control of the pygmies again. But you have an order. You have to put the pygmies into the vent and once the get into the vent. They crawl out and see and exit sign on the door. It says TO BE CONTINUED. It cuts to the credits.
Here is the idea for the
Title: Pocket God 2: The Great Escape
Update Details: Each introduce a new feature and set of levels.
Game Details: The game is in third person. It is in 3D. The villains are the aliens. Idea: The goal of the game is to escape the alien planet, get to the ship, and get to the one remaining island. Powers: You have to use powers from the first game and new powers to kill the aliens.


Title: Welcome to the Jungle
Icon: A scared pygmy surrounded by trees with a n alligator standing ina river in front of him and an angry giant gorilla standing behind him.
Sypnosis: A new jungle island that does not have water in the backround but there is a river in the front of the screen that has all the features of the ocean except the shark is replaced with an alligator and under water the alligator has a laser too and the pirannas are still there is added and it has: a venus fly trap that when you tap it it eats the first pygmy that walks past it,a snake that comes out when you flick a pygmy and the pygmy lands in the big bush in the backround the snake slithers on screen and he bits pygmys who then turn blue and drop dead the only way to get rid of him is by picking up a pygmy and dropping it on top of the snake,a statue of a turtle and when you tap its shell 4 times all the pygmys start to go really slow and then a snail goes on screen and when he slides all the way off the screen they go back to normal speed,and a banana tree and you could either tap it once and one banana falls down or you could hold your finger down on the banana tree for 15 seconds a gorilla comes on screen and you have to fight him with a spear just like the T-Rex and the Barking Spider.

Here's a picture:
(Click to enlarge)


Title: Pocket God 2: Pygmies of the Carribean
Synopsis: The pygmies are taken by pirates and taken to the pirate island. All the pygmies are taken hostage. One pygmy (the pygmy you choose) gets free. Now the chosen pygmy is forced to save the other five pygmies, get off the pirate island, and get back to the island of the oog.
Gameplay: This is a third person game. You play as a pygmy you choose. To kill the pirates, you must use powers from "Pocket God". The new powers are things you unlock off the pirate island. If you beat the game, you get the pirate island as an island in Pocket God.

Great work guys, hopefully these ideas will be in Pocket God (2) soon! ;)

If you have any awesome ideas for future updates e-mail me at thepygmyden@gmail.com with a picture.


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