Sunday, December 6, 2009


Hey guys, I am very sorry that I didn't get to post this on the 22nd like I said I was going to, but I just got backed up with soo much work...The new Pocket God World, Glitches, Blog Improvements, Posts, Playing this update, school work, and Oh Yeah... BETA-TESTING ;)

I was going to post this sooner, but Malcom ended up going first and I didn't want to take away from his lime-light.

So here's my story:
(brought to you by...)

About a month ago, Dave and Allan were looking for a new batch of people to make them Beta Testers. They went through many people, and many choices, but they eventually settled for 4 new people to join the team of Pocket God Beta Testers.

I was just as shocked as you are reading this, and I immediately responded to his e-mail with all my information and then received the newest build for The Pyg Chill! The update started off a little rusty, and was very glitchy, but that was normal for firs builds all the old Beta Testers told me.

There were a total of 4 new people added to the Beta Testing Team, and luckily Malcom and I both were added, so there was no jealousy, and we could work together to test for glitches, and talk about the future of the blog, without anyone being "higher" than the other.

Now, I have heard people ask about how to be a Beta Tester many times in the comments section, and many people over at the TA Forums, constantly have fights about how to become one, who gets to become one, and why they have not become one yet. So I am going to tell you first hand, the way to get your chances higher for becoming a Beta Tester, here they are:

1. NEVER ASK TO BE A BETA TESTER - Before I was a Beta Tester (Beta), I never once asked to become one. This annoys Dave a lot, trust me!

2. Look for glitches - Always try to find as many glitches as possible for each update (don't copy other people's), and make a list of glitches, and make sure you post that list somewhere where Dave will see.

3. Make yourself, and Pocket God more know - Make a blog, post in the Touch Arcade Forums, post in The Pocket God Forums, comment on the Pocket Blog! Also, bring the fan-base up for Pocket God by making it more interesting, and making it "new" again (you have to figure that one out for yourself).

4. Fan Art - This is not required, but helps. Make a lot of GOOD fan art, and post it where people can see, or e-mail me at and I'll post it here.

5. Be patient!!!! - Don't rush Dave or the process, it will just get you moved down on the long, imaginary list of people waiting to become Betas.

You will soon be a...

I hope this helps, and I hope you don't treat me any differently now that you know I am a Beta.

Because Malcom and I are both betas now, this will help us have EVEN MORE POSTS on the blog! We will be able to find glitches faster, we will also start posting a post that shows what Beta Testing glitches looked like! This will be the first time any non-beta will be able to see what Pocket God builds look like, so get excited, and I will post them shortly!

Best of luck, and comment below for any questions, comments, or concerns,


  1. ooh congrats on being beta testers both of you and thanks for telling us about being a beta tester even tho i know i probably never will be x]

  2. Swigo!! On the paragraph after the Glitchbuster thing, you said Beat Tester!!!!

  3. I don't agree with you on posting Build Photos.

  4. K so you touch a pygmy and tilt the ipod then let the pygmy grab a log and then take your finger off him and he will drop the log but it will stay in midair. next touch a pygmy and tilt the ipod then let the pygmy go into the outhouse and then take your finger off him and he will keep making the falling sound while his name vibrates and to stop it take him out of the outhouse. next so 1st u take a fish r anything you can eat and then put it on the ground then you take a pygmy and touch him and turn the screen so he goes off balance then you take the fish or food and give it to the pygmy then while he's eating it take your finger off him and the food will disappear but if you touch him it will still be in the air and fall down(oh and his idles will make clones)next glitch first go to the grave yard and then open the grave then touch a pygmy and grab the bird lower your finger and drop the bird then flick the pygmy and if you have the pygmy in front of the hole he will fall in it while flying and you can bury him and have an invisible zombie!