Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Pggamer's Prizes

Hey guys, I know it has been "forever" since my glitch contest, but I still wanted to share with you all pggamer (the winner)'s prizes, and what he selected. Here were the 5 options of prizes he could have chosen:

.The ability to write a story in the Pygmy Adventure Series and it will be posted on the blog as the next story
.Read 1 post early and choose when and which post
.Choose the new feature on the blog that will be posted regularily
.Mystery Promo-Code
.Create a poll on the blog

He chose:
The mystery promo code (if you are wondering what game its for, ask pggamer) ;)
Pggamer feel free to comment below and share with everyone as well.

He also gave us an awesome glitch, check it out:
Here's the glitch :

1. Go to Octopus Island
2. Turn on storm clouds
3. Tap the statue 3 times
4. Quickly swirl your finger in the air, but do not let Pygmies fly into the air
5. This takes a lot of practice, so be patient, and good luck!


1 comment:

  1. pggamer here, the game was Zombiecity . In that game u have to defend ur wall against zombies use weapons like grenade and bazooka and more! My favorite Zombie game is call of duty world at war zombies