Saturday, December 5, 2009

Cool Pictures (Fan-ventures)

Hey guys, once again this post is dedicated to all our AWESOME fans out there who have submitted really cool pictures lately! Sorry for taking so long to post them, I've been backed up with trying to find glitches, and also Malcom's Beta-Testing and all. Thanks so much, and keep up the great work! Take a look at there awesome photos:

This one is called: Where's my tail (by ryan b)

Say whaaat (by SIDART)

Definition of Head In The Clouds (by SIDART)

Follow the leader (by darkie_manu)

All hale the dodo (by gavinrotty)

Part 29, Fan-ventures... The Sequel will feature:
Ahh, my privates (by darkie_manu)
Haha, you've got a stick tail :p (by SIDART)
Pygmy-barrier (by Malcom)
Pygmy-cage (by Malcom)
The Omni-IceMan (by Superskatesman)

If you have any cool pictures, e-mail me at

Great job you guys, keep 'em coming!

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  1. K so you touch a pygmy and tilt the ipod then let the pygmy grab a log and then take your finger off him and he will drop the log but it will stay in midair. next touch a pygmy and tilt the ipod then let the pygmy go into the outhouse and then take your finger off him and he will keep making the falling sound while his name vibrates and to stop it take him out of the outhouse. next so 1st u take a fish r anything you can eat and then put it on the ground then you take a pygmy and touch him and turn the screen so he goes off balance then you take the fish or food and give it to the pygmy then while he's eating it take your finger off him and the food will disappear but if you touch him it will still be in the air and fall down(oh and his idles will make clones)next glitch first go to the grave yard and then open the grave then touch a pygmy and grab the bird lower your finger and drop the bird then flick the pygmy and if you have the pygmy in front of the hole he will fall in it while flying and you can bury him and have an invisible zombie!