Monday, December 7, 2009

The Pocket God World Has Been Updated!

*Congratulations to POCKETGODBOY for finding my signature first, and also spidey146 for finding it first over at the TA Forums*

Hey guys, its time again for your favorite seven words...
The Pocket God World Has Been Updated!

I am going to treat this like Dave's SOTI (State Of The Island)...

This was one of the most challenging, time-consuming updates I have ever endured. I have been working on this update for a week now, and I have been trying to perfect every detail, to the best of my ability, while also trying to remain sane ;)

On the technical side, I updated the Pocket God World with the thought that one day there might be another location on the other side of Graveyard Island, so instead of adding the Ice Island on the right side as usual, I decided to go against tradition and add the Island on the left side of the screen. At first I thought this would be easy, but I was highly mistaken! I had to rearrange the doodler clouds towards the top of the screen, move the doodler, match the shadows and the new cloud I added, and the hardest thing I have ever done... I had to round out the underwater statue so everything flowed together.

Not only have I added the long-awaited Ice Island, but I added the new baby spider in the web on Graveyard Island, I also added my signature (swigo8) somewhere in the image so no one could copyright me :p The first person to find my signature please comment below, and I will announce your name on my next post as the first one to find my signature.

Lastly, I worked on optimizations to make the Pocket God World "flow" better and also maintain the high definition quality without enlarging the .psd or .jpg file too much. To do this I merged many layers and copy/pasted the entire image on a larger canvas while still keeping the exact measurements. This enables people to put the Pocket God World as their desktop screensaver, their iDevice screensaver, or just send it to friends without having to unzip/zip the .dmg file.

Well enough with all that take a look at the old VS new Pocket God Worlds:

Version 11.1

(Click to enlarge)

Version 12.3
(Click to enlarge)

.Baby spider in the web
.swigo8 signature
.Ice Island
.Ice Monster
.Rounded-out the underwater statue
.Fixed a few things up (neater)

I can't wait to add the Ice Hole ;)

Please comment below and tell me if you liked the new post format, and the new Pocket God World, or any improvements you want to see!
I really busted my butt on this one :p

Thanks, and Merry (early) Christmas,


  1. I found name underwater on wall like thing closer to right side of picture.
    If i won post my name as

  2. I found your signiture it's on the underwater wall at the right hand side
    Ps my name is dan316

  3. hey, swigo, no fair, i found it on TA first, whatever :P, good job

  4. You should put the fish. Maybe in the bird's hands?

  5. Its underwater right under Egg Island, I think it looks better and more natural there than on land :)

  6. I. Found it on the stones things in the water