Saturday, December 12, 2009

Cool Pictures: Fan Ventures... The Sequel!!

Hey guys, once again thanks to our awesome fans and MALCOM (!) for sending in some awesome cool pictures. This post is for you guys, take a look:

This one is called: Ahh, my privates (by darkie_manu)

Haha, you've got a stick tail :p (by SIDART)

Pygmy-barrier (by Malcom)

Pygmy-cage (by Malcom)

The Omni-IceMan (by Superskatesman)

Part 30, Pygmies In Trouble will feature:
"Feed me!"
"Look, I found a new island!"
Peek-a-boo (by cameroboss)
"This really isn't the best idea guys..."
UGHHH, you smell bad

If you have any cool pictures, e-mail us at

Amazing work guys!


  1. Can you guys please post some ideas I wanna see what people think about and also I sent you an idea a while ago called Welcome to the Jungle

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  3. the one that says Cameron boss should say pocket lover

    pocket lover out

  4. well beacause i am cameron boss