Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Find The Differences

Hey guys, spidey146, a senior member over at the TA Forums, came up with a great idea for the blog. He thought that I should do a "find the differences" game in the Pocket God World. I immediately thought this was a great idea, and then immediately went to work on the Pocket God World and made two versions (one normal, and one with differences). Here's more info:

The first picture I am going to post is the original Pocket God World: version 12.5, and the one after that is the Pocket God World: 12.5 with a few changes, additions, subtractions, and flaws that you will have to find (if you want).

There are a total of 16 differences, once you find all 16 (not 15 or less, but ALL 16), e-mail me and I will announce you as the winner when I do my post revealing all the differences. The post with the results and answers will be posted sometime next week :)

Here is the original version 12.5 without any differences:
Use this as a reference for what the Pocket God World should look like.

Here is the version with differences (16 differences):
(Click to enlarge)

More Rules:
1.) Do not count 3 changes to the same object (for example) as 3 changes, it is just one!
...Example: If I change all the leaves on the palm tree that is one change not 3
...Example: If I change all the blocks on the igloo that is one change not thirty something
2.) Do not post any of the differences in the comments section or your post will be deleted and you will be disqualified
3.) Have fun, and comment below telling me whether or not you like this game :)

Some tips:
Print both Pocket God Worlds and circle the differences so you don't count the same thing twice.
Keep a checklist.
Use photoshop instead of printing it out, if you want.
Be quick, but careful, you only get one submission!

My e-mail is, e-mail me ALL 16 differences as fast as you can :p

Good luck,

*Glitch post located underneath this*


  1. finished, good idea spidey146 and swingo8 i like it it is fun do it more often

  2. i have a glitch called name your fish

    first you go to the igloo island and get a fish then you take the fish and put it in the igloo after that you spawn 2 pymyes and put them both in the igloo the one you want the fish to be named right after you put the second one in tap the igloo after that get a new fish and put that in the igloo it should than float over it and have a name that you can change but don't go to a new island or the pygmie that is really supposed to be there will appear and you will have to repeat the steps also if you add someone they will go in the igloo and eat an invisible fish once you do that you cant do it again until you get a new fish and replace the old one by putting a new fish in the igloo

  3. glad everyone likes it, swigo inspired me when he asked TA to find his sig in the new pic :D