Friday, December 11, 2009

Beta Tester Builds: The Pyg Chill

***Note: We are officially over 50,000 views!!! To celebrate this, Malcom and I will release Prison Break 2: Battle From Within very shortly (it is written by both Malcom and I)!***

Hey guys, this is the first time any Beta Tester builds have ever been revealed to a non-beta tester! I hope your excited, because some of these glitches and early models are wacky, crazy, funny, odd, and just outright outrageous and ridiculous! Luckily, we betas found the glitches and stopped them ;) :p Take a look:

This is what the Ice Monster looked like in the first build. All it did was stand there and move sometimes. Check out the difference in the skin now compared to what it used to look like, same with his claws. Also notice how thin the tree was, and how little snow it had on it, and also where the iceberg in the background is.

During some of the builds, Dave had to change some textures, and Ooga Jump got all screwy, so check out what it looked like during builds 2-4:

This next photo was a funky glitch that seldom occured in builds 1 and 2, check out the GIANT Ice Monster:

During builds 3-5, the DLC packs were also a little screwy, and some of the names and objects did not match up, check it out:

Also, around build 2, the achievements hadn't been set yet, so look what it would say when we took down the Ice Monster (Mister Chill):

Also, this glitch is still around, but a little different. When the logs got stuck in the air, then you switched islands, the textures of the logs changed, and they looked like this:

Around build 2-5 this happened... Barking Spider, or Pyg Chill???

I personally found this glitch on build 3. Flipping the Bird has a lot more meaning now ;)

Also, in build 2, when Dave was getting the DLC ready, he had to optimize objects again, so the outhouse looked like this when summoning a tsunami:

Lastly, during builds 2-4, there were a lot of texture problems, so if you look closely at this next photo (very closely (click to enlarge)), you will notice that the "bubbles" are actually baby, yellow spiders. Take a look:

Also, as a Beta Tester, Dave asks our input on Allan's icon drawings, and for this update we had four choices. Take a look, and comment on which one you like the best:





Well, those are most of the BIG problems we encountered during The Pyg Chill builds, but I'm sure there will be more for future updates, and I'll post them here as well :)

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  1. Either 1 or 2, and I entered in your contest!

  2. I don't think you should do this...

  3. @dylan: why? we asked dave if we can do this and he said it was a great idea...

  4. I have a good idea for a new feature at the blog you could add an area that has info about each episode and you could put the soti and the icon for each one and a little description telling what was added on that episode and btw my favorite on icon is either 2 or 4

  5. @cjx324:
    I thought of doing that a while back, it is a great idea, but the format I chose for the blog, along with its limits and the space-provided, it is regretably impossible.

  6. davlan need to make it snow on the new ice island

  7. swigo, dont forget the PGF has something exactly like that, just put a link ;)

  8. ohhhh and p.s your blog is awesome and i saw your new poll and my favorite features are:
    Cool Pictures
    Pygmy Adventure Series
    Dual Reviews
    News Updates
    Fan Art
    Pocket God World
    Beta Tester Stuff
    and finally,
    Achievement Tips

  9. And also good luck at your beta tester and maybe you can leak some info about Great Job,Ice Hole

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    and you need the cjx324- part

  11. Swigo8 would you have enough space to do it without the soti or would it still not be enough?

  12. LOL number 1 and 2 are really funny