Monday, November 30, 2009

Malcom's Dual Reviews!

Hey guys,

The SOTI's out and it is time once again for Malcom's Dual Reviews!
The reviews, however, will probably have some changes in it. How/Why is it going to change? Well, I've got some big news for you guys...
Around the beginning of November I received an e-mail from Dave telling me that I am a BETA TESTER!
I have been testing this update for the past weeks and I have to say, this is the BEST update so far!

So the icon is really... nice. I didn't expect that Allan would put the IceMon (Ice Monster) in the icon though. I thought that maybe a part of the new island or something would be put in instead, but it's still really awesome looking! However, I'm still waiting for another EPIC icon from Allan.

On a different note, these are the times I was worried about for Pocket God. The times where Pocket God gets closer, and closer to its end and the time for Bolt Creative to replace it with a sequel or another game :( I cant even think of what kind of update Pocket God will have after the ice trilogy, but I hope before this trilogy ends, Davlan (Dave + Allan) does something special for Pocket God's Anniversary. Unfortunately, Dave didn't say anything about the anniversary though. :(

So the update... As Dave said, its "worth" two and a half updates in one, which makes your wait worth it! This update has NO LAGS, the new island which has an igloo, a tree on the side of the ice island, a glacier in the background that turns into the IceMon when you flick a pygmy into it, and the new map feature! The new igloo also has tons of functionality: the pygmies can "hangout" in it, cook fish in it, blast a pygmy to the ice monster, and even a couple other things ;)

The IceMon is diffrent from the other Creatures of Pocket God though. Instead of using a spear to "kill" it, you flick pygmies. This is great because the IceMon has offenses and defenses based on what you do with him and all you have to do is play with it a little, and you'll get used to battling it... I'll also put an achievement post on how to battle the IceMon easily after the update is approved.

The new map screen is also great. It has a cool transition when it goes on/off. Oh, and the Holiday Skin Pack is awesome! It provides skins for tons of objects, just like the halloween pack. There are skins for the bird, the volcano, the statue and A LOT of other stuff.

My only regret is too bad they didn't do the temperature change in this update. :( But if they did, this update would be the greatest update in Pocket God history. However... Swigo guessed what the trilogy would contain based on Dave's hints and information, take a look:

Ice Island --> The Pyg Chill
Ice Hole --> Great Job, Ice-Hole
Temp Change --> Eight Degrees Below

I may have made up a couple of fake update titles but thats PROBABLY the order of the trilogy.

***Davlan, hear our cry! Please do something REALLY special for the Pocket God Anniversary! Maybe a SPECIAL EASTER EGG or ANNIVERSARY PACK or a functionality that is related to the anniversary a little bit! ***

Overall, I give this update a grade of an A+ for its awesomeness and lots of functionality!
Great job Davlan!!

By the way, please do not treat me differently now that you know I am a Beta Tester, I am still the same-old Malcom, and I will still continue on the blog EVEN MORE than before, and new posts will be posted because of this.

*** A spoiler game is located under this post! ***

This is malcomjudd, reporting...


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  1. Congrats for being a beta tester :P and more posts coming :o cool! :D