Sunday, November 1, 2009

The Pocket God World Has Been Updated!

Hey guys, the time has come again for your favorite seven words...
The Pocket God World Has Been Updated!

I just finished updating the Pocket God World to version 11.1, and it took a lot of work! I also took the advice from a bunch of people over at the TA forums and made a halloween/DLC Pocket God World! The halloween world is very messy because of the new sky, and I had to replace EVERYTHING so that U could put new things in, but at least I tried :p
Anyway, take a look at the new and IMPROVED Pocket God World:

This is the old version (10.1):
(Click to enlarge)

This is the new version (11.1):
(Click to enlarge)

I added:
A new cloud on the left side of the screen
And of course the Barking Spider
I also improved a couple errors as always :)

Here is the Halloween/DLC version as well:

For a full list of things that WON'T be added to the Pocket God World check out the Pocket God World post before this one!

By the way, my good friend hdgreen has a site where he features the Pocket God World, and he writes a caption of what each thing object does and how it affects the game. Scroll over the object to read a little caption about what it does.
To get to this site Click Here!

I can't wait to add the new Ice Island and the baby spiders ;)

P.S. The winners will be announced later this week!


  1. you should post the winners now you had us wait till the update now we have to wait for like five more days.

  2. Awesome ida on the new pocket god world and a special DLC edition. Cant wait for ice island too :P

  3. Mr maybe here ........ Can you tell us a little about The Pyg Chill it sounds really cool but I want to know the features on the ice island.

  4. he cant because dave hasnt said anything about it yet

  5. Mr maybe here......oh sorry but when you do get some information can you post it on your blog? Oh and can i join the blog or not?