Thursday, November 5, 2009

Winners Revealed!

Hey guys, I know its been a while since the glitch contest gas started, but after reviewing the entries, examining the photos, and recreating all the glitches, I think I have found a winner ;)

As you all know there were two contests (1 for each glitch). For the main glitch contest (the one with the shark), I got many submissions and a clear winner, but for the second contest (the Island Mumbo Jumbo one), no one took the prizes :(

Island Mumbo Jumbo glitch:
There were a few submissions, but no one really got close, so I decided to call it a draw and defer to the other MAIN contest below:

Sticky-Tail Shark:

Here was the recreation of the glitch:
1. Go to Skull Island and have the ghosts and shark turned on
2. Summon a ghost
3. Pick up a shark and put it on a pygmies head
4. While the shark is on the pygmies head, hold the ghost with a different finger and make it scream
5. Hold the ghost until the pygmy dies
6. The shark will float in mid-air with its mouth open, and wherever you move the ghost, the shark will follow


"Fisherman Method"

These were the closest recreations we got to the actual glitch, but no one seemed to get the glitch 100% right.
To get the glitch 100% right, the shark's mouth had to be closed while it was floating... but this was close enough ;)

So with a total of 13 people submitting the recreation correctly, I had to choose the winner by how fast the people sent in their entries and if they were correct or not! Here are the top 3:

3. Sean

2. Tex Ratty

In first place, and winning the prize...

1. pggamer

Congratulations to pggamer for being the first person to send in the CORRECT recreation of this glitch!
Please e-mail me at and I will tell you the 4 or 5 prizes and you will have an option to choose 1!

I will tell everyone the prize options after pggamer has selected his :)

Click Here! To watch a video of this glitch! Click Here!

More glitches will be released in the future, along with contests, videos, and more!

Also, we are almost at 40,000 views, and also almost 50 followers!

Once again, congratulations pggamer!

By the way, Episode 29: The Pyg Chill is scheduled to be submitted on November 22nd, with a release date of early December.
Because of this very long wait, we are going to post new features on the blog, but maybe not post as frequently. However, we will always have new things to post though :)
So keep your fan art coming and e-mail me at!

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