Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Cool Pictures (That Speak For Themselves)

Hey guys, these pictures are just so awesome (!) that I thought they did not need any explinations or anything, and that they could just be admired for what they are... awesome! So take a look at some cool pictures that are just plain-old cool:

This one is called: ~Are we human... or are we... GHOSTS?~


Now that's scary! (courtesy of the Pygmy Palace)

Told you I could swim :p

Eww, I see your undies

Part 25, Enough Is Enough will feature:
I knew I shouldn't of eaten that XD!
Ugh! Stop Whining!
My fish!
Ummm DAVE?!
Oh please Lord, don't let him take me

If you have any cool pictures e-mail me at swiggy08@aol.com!


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