Monday, November 2, 2009

7 Poll Results!!!

Hey guys, I know I haven't posted the results for a bunch of polls lately, so I thought I'd make up for that, by cramming most of them into one BIG post :)! So take a look at the results for 7 polls:

Do you like the Pygmy Adventure Series?

1st place: Yes, I love them! 48%
2nd place: What the heck is that?! 12%
3rd place: No, I hate them! 11%
4th place: Ehh, It's OK, post more though 19%
5th place: Where am I? 7%
6th place: Ehh, It's OK, post less though 6%
7th (last) place: It's OK, keep it the same. 3%

Well I'm glad to know you guys like the Pygmy Adventure series since we just started a new one, Prison Break (by malcomjudd). I have to say though, I was quite surprised to find out that 7% of you did not know where you were... And lastly, for those of you who hate the Pygmy Adventure series, we don't post them that often :p

Who created all the mysterious things in Pocket God (lasers, statues, etc...)?

1st place: Aliens 44%
2nd place: Something to lead into Pocket God 2... 23%
3rd place: Super-Pygmy 10%
4th place: Dr. Evil 6%
5th place: Mysterious Force (Invisible) 6%
6th place: None of the above (leave comment) 4%
7th place: Beings From The Future 3%
8th (last) place: Robots 0%

Although this poll took place a month ago, we still do not have the answer to the mystery, but I believe that it has something to do with the upcoming Ice Island ;) But it looks like 44% of you think/or want ;) the mystery to be Aliens. And for those of you who selected "none of the above, leave comment", please leave a comment and I will feature it on future posts.

Should Davlan (DaveAllan) show pictures of the update in the State Of The Island?

1st place: Yes, duh! 78%
2nd place: No! It will ruin the surprise 10%
3rd place: Leave things the way they are 6%
4th place: No opinion 4%
5th place: What the heck is a Davlan? 0%
6th (last) place: Get rid of the SOTI (State Of....) 0%

Personally I voted for "Leave things the way they are", because I feel as though if you give too much information away, the update will be very anti-climactic. But with a total of 78% I can see that I have been out voted, and that you guys want/need pictures in the SOTI!

Do you want the underwater area to have it's own theme-music?

1st place: Yes, it has its own icon... 82%
2nd place: Who cares... Post more cool pictures! 6%
3rd place: Leave things the way they are 4%
4th place: Who cares 3%
5th (last) place: No, it doesn't deserve it 2%

With a total of 82% voting for "Yes", that means we have a new record for the most percantile ever for one choice! :D I personally agree, but for those who don't, it looks your getting your way for now... And about the cool pictures option, whoever chose it will be happy when the next couple posts come out ;)

What color should the font be on the blog?

1st place: Green 42%
2nd place: What does this have to do with Pocket God? 31%
3rd place: Blue 12%
4th place: Red 7%
5th place: Black 3%
6th place: Yellow 2%
7th (last) place: White 0%

Since almost half of you suggested we keep the font green, thats how were gonna keep it. But since 12% of you guys also voted for blue, we are gonna make the links we post on the blog in blue, and once clicked they will become red, for the 7% who voted red. And for those sly 31%, I have no idea what this has to do with Pocket God ;)

Looks like were now on our way to very recent polls :D!

Where do you post about Pocket God the most?

1st place: None of the above 68%
2nd place: Touch Arcade Forums 13%
3rd place: Pocket God Forums 9%
4th place: All equally 8%
5th place: Underwater Apps 0%
6th (last) place: iPocket Games Forums 0%

Currently I post very frequently in the Touch Arcade Forums, along with 12% of the people who follow us, and 9% for the Pocket God Forums. I was very shocked to find out that 68% of you guys don't post about Pocket God at all :o! Click Here for the link to the Touch Arcade Forums to stay tuned with the news, and fan art that I don't post on the blog.
^Told you the link would be in blue/red ;)

What is the next location gonna be?

1st place: Ice Island 59%
2nd place: Space 21%
3rd place: Jungle 9%
4th place: Inside a brain/animal/dream 3%
5th place: Other, leave comment! 2%
6th place: Volcano 1%
7th place: Atlantis 1%
8th (last) place: Desert 1%

Well it looks like 59% of you guessed correctly, the next location is definately the long-awaited Ice Island! For those who guessed "Space" it looks like you have to wait for Pocket God 2. And for those who guessed "Jungle, Brain/animal/dream, volcano, or desert", who knows what could come next :)
Also if you guessed Atlantis, I think we already have that. And if you guessed Volcano, well lets just say that idea has been stolen by some rivals, who created Pocket Devil (please do not post about that here, thanks).

***Once again, if you choose an answer like "Other, leave comment", please LEAVE A COMMENT and I will feature it in my posts if I like the idea :)

The results for the polls:
Do you want to see what Malcom and I look like?
What new feature should be posted on the blog regularly?
These polls will have their own posts, because they will include a small surprise in essence to go along with them :)

By the way, 3 new polls are located on the right side of the blog, so get voting!


  1. haha. i dont understand it. we do a poll if they like The Pygmy Adventure Series and they do, after that, we do a poll: which post is your least favorite and TPAS is on top of the list.

    WHAT?! DX

  2. Guys I'm sorry but u made the last options on the new polls too tempting :P

    and it seems no one likes your stories, that's what TA is here for ;)

  3. i love the pygmy adventure series D; its o fun especially prison break D; how could people not like it :l i dnt get u guys x]