Saturday, November 14, 2009

News Update-A Post A Day?

Hey guys, your probably wondering what's been going on with Malcom and my posting schedules. We used to post around 1 or 2 posts everyday and now were only posting 1 every 2-4 days!

On the technical side of things:
Well, like we said a couple posts back, since the new update will be submitted on the 22nd, plus apples approval time, we won't be getting this update until early December (most likely).
Malcom and I don't have 40 posts tucked away in the back focusing on new and exciting things to post, that keep you guys interested each day. We have many cool picture posts, a couple fan art posts, and thats really it for now.
If we were to post a cool picture post every day, you guys would get bored of it, and we would run out of cool pictures, the same goes for fan art.
I will post a couple cool picture posts, a couple fan art posts, the pocket god world posts, and a couple poll results posts during this long and trecherous waiting time, and I will space them out so its around 1 every 3 days :)

The reason I posted this long and boring message is to let you guys know that Malcom and I aren't quitting the blog like most other blogs out there (we are one of the last left), but we are merely spacing our posts out to keep you (the readers) interested and give you something o read while you wait for the ice island!

Malcom and I will post news updates weekly, and I am soon gonna start up a forum for this blog, and also we will be starting a new feature on this blog that I am sure you guys will all enjoy ;)

Lastly, Malcom and I have a huge announcement to make later this week (or next week) so stay tuned!

I will also announce pggamer's prizes later this week, I have not yet announced them to him yet either because of my busy schedule, but I will do that soon as well! Once again, congratulations pggamer!

Next Post: Cool Pictures or Fan Art (you guys choose)


  1. When you say early Dec your wrong. Apple last year at xmas got a jam and updates/new apps were taking a long time to get approved. People are saying you have to submit by the 24th to be out before xmas.


  2. Guess
    wat.. my birtday is on the
    16! I'm turning thirteen - pggamer™

  3. Can I be on your blog. I am a beta. Ask Malcolm. I am also a winner of the itouch contest. Please email me at

  4. I want fan art- more specificly, mine!
    (I'm Jayko/