Saturday, November 28, 2009

Spoiler #1 Revealed

Hey guys, it's been a day since I posted Spoiler Game #1, and I've got some mixed feedback, just like my game last time. But overall, the feedback was pretty positive, so I'm gonna keep doing the games for most of the spoilers I have left.

However, I do think I started things off yesterday with a game way too challenging to be the first one, so tomorrow I'm gonna post a much, much easier one for you all to solve :)

Here was the actual game from yesterday:

And here is the actual spoiler:
(It's one of the new DLC for the dodo-bird, and it features him as a toy dodo, which is perfect for our christmas theme)

Lastly, if anyone solved yesterdays puzzle please comment below and share how you solved it for those who had trouble.

Here is my method:
I used Photoshop to rearrange the pieces by cutting and pasting.

Other methods could have included:
Printing it out on a piece of paper and cutting each image out/taping them together correctly
Using Paint

Anyway, stay tuned for Spoiler Game #2 (Level: Easy), coming tomorrow!



  1. My method was to become a beta tester and see. :P

  2. My method was to wait until you posted the picture so I didn't have to do the work :/)) do you like my nose?