Saturday, November 28, 2009

A Spoiler A Day Makes The Wait Go Away

Hey guys, I've decided to show you all a spoiler every day for a total of 5 days to make the long wait for the update go faster! :)

I thought it would also be interesting if I made all the spoilers into games and puzzles, and then reveal the original picture (spoiler) after I give you guys a day to try and solve it... So I guess you could call this post, "A Spoiler Game Every Other Day, and A Spoiler Every Other Day Makes The Wait Go Away." ;)

Here's a map of my next 1o posts (1 every day):
Day 1: Today! Introduction + Spoiler Game # 1 (Hard)
Day 2: Revelation of the actual spoiler from Day 1
Day 3: Spoiler Game # 2 (Easy)
Day 4: Revelation of the actual spoiler from Day 3
Day 5: Spoiler Game # 3 (Moderate)
Day 6: Revelation of the actual spoiler from Day 5
Day 7: Spoiler number 4 will be given to you without a game (for you lazy folks)
Day 8: Spoiler Game # 4 (Hard)
Day 9: Revelation of the actual spoiler from Day 9
Day 10: Announcement of an upcoming update

...So without further ado, here is Spoiler Game # 1 (Level: Hard):

Hint: Readjust the pieces using Photoshop, or printing it out and cutting/pasting the pieces together, or use another method ;)

I will reveal the actual spoiler tomorrow!

P.S. All spoilers are courtesy of hdgreen from The Pocket God Forums.

Best Of Luck,


  1. awww, u got em all from hdgreen, that means i know em all already, whatever, enjoy guys :P

    that, is an AWESOME photo on top, i want that :P

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  3. daves state of da islands out!!!!!! :DDDDD