Friday, November 6, 2009

Cool Pictures (Enough Is Enough)

Hey guys, all I have to say is check out these awesome pictures ;) Take a look:

This one is called: I knew I shouldn't of eaten that XD!

Ugh! Stop whining!

My fish!

Ummm DAVE?!

Oh please Lord, don't let him take me

Part 26, Creepy Pygmies will feature:
First the shark, now this
Ugh, take your teeth outa my ears
Happy Halloween :)
Head in the ~clouds~?
Flying Spider, Sticky Pygmy?

If you have any cool pictures e-mail me at!


  1. Stop Taking my pics!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. What are you talking about?!

    I took one of your pictures in my last post and credited you, and there are no other ones anywhere else.


  3. THE FIRST ONE!!!! HA JK. I don't really car, love the blog. look at mine. kidding the whole time

  4. car = care (spelled wrong)