Monday, November 23, 2009

Even More Ideas!

Hey guys, check out so more crazy ideas! Take a look:


The heart of a warrior
Icon: A pygmy in a fighting pose wearing a black belt
Sypnosis: The pygmys have discovered a strange item that has washed up on the beach; a black belt. When the pygmys wear the belt a sudden power rushes through their bodies and gives them the great fighting power of a karate master. With their new found power they chop open coconuts, slice open fish, and get back at the shark and dodo for some mean things (pooping, eating etc). But sometimes the pygmys get mad with power and beat up the other pygmys for no reason.


Title: Anniversary
Synopsis: An Island that has a big cake and other stuff. You can light pygmies for candles, you can crush a pygmy with cake, you can burn him with a candle. They can eat cake, but if they eat too fast they choke. You can blow horns or noise makers, and sometimes when lighting fireworks they attach to it. There are also sparklers that sometimes burn the pygmies.
DLC: Bird: Pinata
Fish: Adds party hat
T-Rex Egg: Cake
Outhouse: Adds banners
Spear: A "1" for one year
Octopus Statue: A BIG cake
Oog Island: Adds banners and other decorations, Dino Island: Adds banners and other decorations, Zombie Island: Adds banners and other decorations, Ice Island: Adds banners and other decorations
Meteor: Says, "1 Year Anniversary"

Great work guys, those ideas sound awesome! I hope they are included into Pocket God soon!

If you guys have any ideas, e-mail me at (with a picture!), and I'll try and post it here!

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  1. Come one, come all, to the best search in the world. A Piggy Search. The piggy search has begun.....